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It's universally accepted that X-Men: Origins: Wolverine was a pretty mediocre movie. Bad, even. Turns out, cliche-ridden scripts don't add anything new to characters as tormented as Logan. The only redeemable quality was Logan going airborne and dispatching a helicopter. Also, bonus points that you could get a mammoth-sized, Wolverine-themed pizza at Papa John's in 2009:

Because of the reasons mentioned above, I'm kind of surprised we're even getting The Wolverine. I was pretty skeptical, but is changing my opinion with all of the solid footage and Easter eggs I've seen. He really got my attention when he talked about his influences for The Wolverine. Most recently, he's teased Jean Grey's return in the film's new poster. Now, we've got a new TV spot that showcases just a few milliseconds of footage we haven't seen before. Check it out:

Be sure to click follow by my name up top for more news (and maybe even another pizza video or two.) Are you guys gearing up for The Wolverine? The nuclear explosion featured in the trailer looks pretty epic in 3D. I also can't get enough of Viper ripping off her face.

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