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Scott Pierce

Like most non-asexual people, I love talking about sex. From the occasional Salt-n-Pepa reference and, you know, more private matters, it's just something that's known to be on my mind. Naturally, that makes me feel like the execs at Showtime are sending their new show, Masters of Sex, as a love letter to my DVR. That's especially true since it covers the intersection of actual science, comedy, and Janis Ian from Mean Girls (Call me, ! We can braid each other's hair and eat pizza or something.)

Anyway, the point of all of this is that the new 3-minute trailer for Masters of Sex has been leashed on the Internet, that WWW black hole full of XXX. If you're unfamiliar with your sex science history, Masters & Johnson were pioneers in researching intimacy, sex, and at times dysfunction. I really like that the show is simultaneously serious and treating sex as fun. Watch here:


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