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showed up with son Jaden and brought DJ Jazzy Jeff and Carlton (government name ) in tow to have a little reunion and do the 'Fresh Prince Theme' on BBC's The Show. Oh, and and were there. It really happened, and here's the video proof!

At first, I thought the most teeth grindingly bad thing in this whole setup would be Smith & Son doing a contrived performance capitalizing on their name in music while shilling for their latest effort, After Earth. I was worried this would be another penalty kick-level disaster. But it wasn't. The worst wasn't even B-Coop's cray-cray look of delighted surprise. Nor watching Norton doing the classic hip-thrusting rodeo prance to 'Jump On It'. And it definitely wasn't Ribeiro doing his best Tom Jones dance; rarely do we get to see such genuine joyful abandon.

So what was the most painful part of the whole shebang? Heather Graham couch dancing like she was on a banquette at The Boom Boom Room, starting around 2:27. Hands down. Check it out:


This got me all nostalgic for The Fresh Prince of Bel Air (and also quite proud of myself that I know the theme song words by heart); fellow Moviepilot Scott and I were waxing whimsical about how we would love for the show to do a reunion a la Girl Meets World. But seeing as Aunt Viv still hates will Smith's guts, it's sadly probably not going to happen. Or can it?

Let me know in the comments if you'd want a Fresh Prince reunion!

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