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This post contains spoilers for Arrow Season 5.

writers shocked fans last week by revealing the evil Prometheus' true identity. With District Attorney Adrian Chase now outed as the big bad of the season, we're still left to guess who is behind the Vigilante mask. But, according to executive producer Marc Guggenheim, we might be waiting for many more months.

When asked by Entertainment Weekly who was under the mask, Guggenheim told fans that we'd have to wait:

"We know the answer to that. You probably will not get the answer to that in season 5."

And as much as we want to know who is, especially since we've been thinking the killer was Adrian Chase, it might not be such a bad thing to wait for another reveal. After all, Oliver is going to have enough on his plate in the coming episodes with the fallout from . Here's why revealing Vigilante's identity in Season 5 would be too much too soon:

1. Oliver Will Need To Learn Prometheus' Identity

Only the audience learned who Adrian Chase was in last week's episode. Oliver will still need to discover the bad news, and it's going to hit him hard that a man whom he considered his friend has been playing with his life (and the lives of those he loves). It is going to be tough for Oliver to face.

Oliver trusted Adrian, believed that Adrian has been a friend for the past few months, and even let Adrian into his confidences. To Oliver, this will be the ultimate betrayal, and we all know how Oliver handles betrayal.

2. Oliver Will Need To Save Susan

[Credit: The CW]
[Credit: The CW]

Granted, fans aren't exactly enamored with Oliver's new girlfriend, but that's no reason to leave her in Prometheus' clutches. Once Oliver learns that Susan has been kidnapped, he'll be hellbent on saving her. To do that, he'll need to dodge the police, who now believe he's a cop killer.

It makes sense that, during this time, Vigilante will be pushed to the background so that Oliver can focus on taking down Prometheus. Though Vigilante is a killer, he's not the big villain — so until Prometheus is captured or destroyed, the Green Arrow will remain a public enemy.

3. Oliver Will Need To Bring Down Prometheus

As we've seen from their fight scenes, this might not be as easy as it looks. So Oliver is going to have to be ready for this beast when he encounters him for the final battle. I can't imagine Vigilante wanting to get in the middle of this, especially after his last run-in with Prometheus.

Beyond the fighting, though, Prometheus is all about the mind games, which means Oliver and his team are going to have to think ahead of Chase before they can best him. In the meantime, Vigilante might cause some havoc but only as a distraction.

For the most part, the focus of the rest of Arrow should be on taking down a man who's rocked Team Arrow.

4. Oliver And the Team Will Need To Put The Pieces Of Their Lives Back Together

No one can forget that Oliver killed Felicity's boyfriend, Detective Billy Malone, because of one of Prometheus' sick games. While Oliver is carrying that guilt, Felicity's grief has led her to begin traipsing down a dark path that is going to end badly.

In addition, Prometheus has caused severe damage to Thea after he leaked Oliver's identity to the reporter. Thea wanted to protect her brother, so she discredited Susan before the news could break. Oliver's baby sister crossed the line when she sabotaged Susan's entire career. Thea's hunger for power almost spiraled out of control, but even though she managed to halt herself, she's going to need Oliver to help restore her.

Even Stephen Amell believes that Oliver is worried about his sister when interviewed by Entertainment Weekly:

"I think that there’s a significant worry for the state of his sister."

And if Oliver is worried, it makes sense we should be worried, too.

Thea hasn't been around a lot this season, and I believe there's a larger storyline coming up with Willa Holland, one that will make Oliver become even more involved in his sister's life, to help her get back on the right path. I could be wrong, but it makes sense as Thea is, most likely, scared of following in her mother's (and father's) footsteps. Who knows how to control the inner demon better than her brother?

Keeping Vigilante's identity veiled actually makes sense. Though he's taking justice into his own hands, Prometheus is determined to bring down Oliver's world, which will, in turn, cause most of Star City to collapse. Vigilante is on a smaller scale than Prometheus.

The right time will come for the revelation of his identity, but, for now, Adrian Chase needs to be the target.

[Source: Entertainment Weekly]

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