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After the Season 5 finale of Arrow left us reeling from the revelation of Team Arrow possibly being blown to pieces by explosives on Lian Yu, we have many questions regarding their fates in . The most obvious being, did Team Arrow survive the explosive finale? We have other questions in regard to next season, however, and at least one doesn't revolve around Team Arrow. Who is Vigilante?

Vigilante's Identity Will Be Revealed In Season 6

One of the more pending questions we have for Season 6 has to do with the identity of Vigilante. The mysterious antihero showed up early in Season 5 and hasn't been seen since an encounter with Team Arrow almost ended with Vigilante being unmasked.

In addition to addressing his whereabouts, further exploration of the character will likely depict Vigilante's true identity being revealed. We still don't know who's hiding under the mask but executive producer teased Vigilante's identity being revealed in Season 6 during an interview at Paleyfest. Here are Guggenheim's comments:

"We talked a lot about it in the writers' room. We know who it is. We know who's underneath the mask. And we got excited about the possibility of playing out that mystery a little longer. Apart from the flashbacks, we really haven't had a mystery that stretched over seasons. So we're like, you know what? We've got a lot going on in Season 5. We're going to save this for Season 6."

Guggenheim's comments aside, it'll be interesting to find out who's being kept for the shadows as a vigilante for so long. After started making it a habit to reveal his dual identity as the Green Arrow to more people, it appeared as though secret identities would cease to be a big focus on Arrow. Yet Vigilante's prolonged cover says otherwise. That said, the reveal needs to be very satisfying in the end. Hopefully Marc Guggenheim and the rest of the writers on made the right decision in deciding who's under the Vigilante mask. Especially when the comic depiction of Vigilante is secretly Adrian Chase—who has already been revealed to be Prometheus on the show.

Who do you think is really under the Vigilante's mask? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Arrow returns for Season 6 next year. Premiere date is TBA.


Who do you think is under Vigilante's mask?

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