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Warning: This article contains major spoilers from the mid-season finale of Arrow Season 5 "What We Leave Behind."

With the first half of Arrow's fifth season in the books, we now know a lot about what kind of big bad the of Star City are dealing with. And in case you haven't heard — Prometheus might just be the deadliest villain the series has ever seen. The mysterious archer has taken it upon himself to make the Green Arrow's life a living hell by taking out allies and digging up old wounds.

Will Vigilante Bring he Fight To Prometheus on 'Arrow' Season 5? (via The CW)
Will Vigilante Bring he Fight To Prometheus on 'Arrow' Season 5? (via The CW)

After his shocking antics in the mid-season finale, Oliver Queen found himself betrayed, beaten and taken aback after losing Artemis to Prometheus. So while the heroes of Star City have just about lost all hope, there is one ace in the hole that would have no difficulties taking down Prometheus once and for all — Vigilante. The dark avenger has relentlessly carried out a reckoning on the criminals of the city with no issues, and I have a feeling that he would feel the same way about Prometheus.

Vigilante Will Do Whatever It Takes

This season of Arrow has primarily focused on Oliver's journey to becoming a fully-fledged justice-seeking hero. And despite a brief return to his Season 1 roots of killing his enemies, he eventually decided to stop killing altogether and be a hero, rather than a merciless vigilante. However, due to Prometheus's twisted mind-games, he concluded that the only way to stop him and save Billy was to kill the villainous archer. But in a sordid twists of fate, Oliver accidentally ended up killing Billy whom he mistook for Prometheus — the guilt of which was unbearable for him.

Vigilante was willing to do whatever it took to get his target. (via The CW)
Vigilante was willing to do whatever it took to get his target. (via The CW)

However, there is one person who would be willing to do whatever it takes and that is Vigilante. "Mr. Ski Goggles" — as Felicity so affectionately named him — reared his masked head in the seventh episode of the season and showed that he had no concerns about killing the criminals of Star City. In fact, he was so intent on getting his target, that he blew up the bank robber's motel room, killing three other civilians in the surrounding area. And let's not forget that he almost killed Mr. Terrific for getting in his way, and he even tried to kill the Green Arrow himself before the Flash swooped in and saved the day.

Vigilante himself claimed that the Green Arrow couldn't get the job done, and perhaps this time, he might be right. With a threat as evil as Prometheus — who is willing to do whatever it takes to destroy the Green Arrow, even if that means destroying Star City too — we might just see somebody else relentless step up to take him down.

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He Will Bring The Fight To Prometheus

When the Green Arrow took exception to Vigilante's murderous methods, the two ended up squaring off in quite the battle, in which Vigilante stood toe-to-toe with Oliver. Now, bear in mind that Oliver had intensive training due to his "five years in hell" and also underwent rigorous training with the League of Assassins in Season 3. So if Vigilante could stand up to him, you can rest assured that he's skilled.

The Green Arrow and Vigilante get up close and personal. (via The CW)
The Green Arrow and Vigilante get up close and personal. (via The CW)

And while we don't know what kind of training Prometheus had, it's still highly likely that Vigilante would have no qualms about bringing the fight to him. And as we saw how passionately District Attorney Adrian Chase enforced a shoot-to-kill order for Prometheus, you can be sure that the hooded criminal is on his hit-list. And now that Billy Malone has ended up dead, it's practically a given that Chase will don the goggles and guns for a showdown with Prometheus.

Prometheus Would Never See It Coming

Now that we know Prometheus has a personal vendetta against Oliver Queen, it makes him all the more human. We now know his goal — to make Oliver wish he was dead. Thus, after the Arrow killed his father Justin Claybourne, Prometheus spent years studying him. And perhaps this is why the Green Arrow can't beat him — because the deadly big bad knows him too well.

Prometheus knows the Green Arrow too well, but does he know Vigilante? (via The CW)
Prometheus knows the Green Arrow too well, but does he know Vigilante? (via The CW)

However, this personal vendetta just might make him blind to attacks from other threats. Having obsessively studied the Green Arrow so well in order to make his life a living hell, Prometheus may have left himself wide open to an attack from Vigilante. And this tunnel-vision may be his ultimate undoing. If the revenge-fueled avenger decides to target the relentless swordsman, he might just get the upper hand.

As we learned in the mid-season finale, Chase has set his sights on the masked menace and I have a feeling that this will end up coming to fruition in the back half of the season in the form of a major collision between the two forces.

Arrow has returned to with a major bang this season, and while Star City continues to deal with the aftermath of Damian Darhk's rampage, two new violent figures have risen. While one of them is hellbent on making the Green Arrow's life hell, the other is hellbent on ridding the streets of criminals. And with a combination like that, you know it won't be long until these two unstoppable forces end up facing off against each other.

And whether or not Team Arrow asks for his help, you can be sure that Vigilante will be ready and waiting to take down Prometheus once and for all. And based on his relentless approach and Prometheus's personal vendetta, Vigilante might just save Star City from the new big bad.

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