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It looks like the English may have lost a bishop to the Great Heathen Army on the last episode of Vikings. But fear not, they've got another waiting to replace him — and this one's a total badass.

creator Michael Hirst shared details of the new addition in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, revealing the exact identity of Jonathan Rhys Myers' new character.

Who Is Heahmund?

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

Rhys Myers will be playing a Bishop who goes by the name of Heahmund. One look at that sword tells us that he definitely prefers armor over clergy robes, and probably spends more time chatting to his blacksmith than perusing the Bible.

Not only is he a warrior, but he's a bit of a ladies' man, too. Hirst says Heahmund is a verified "sinner" whose "whole life is about deeply passionate commitments" — and that includes women:

"He’s a passionate guy, drawn towards women. He sins, and then when he sins, he punishes himself."

I wonder which Vikings character he'll be "drawn towards"? Sometime tells me Judith might be a contender, considering her romantic past with men of the cloth!

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The Real Bishop Heahmund

As with most Vikings characters, Heahmund is based on a real-life figure from history and the Viking Era. Heahmund was the Bishop of Sherborne, who fought against the Viking invasion and was eventually canonized.

According to Hirst, he discovered this fascinating "warrior bishops" who fought alongside their countrymen in the name of God during his history research, and just knew he'd have to include them in the show.

Heahmund's Purpose

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

Given the heavy religious themes of the show, as well as the Vikings' belief that their gods are absolutely destroying the Christians' god in battle, it's obvious why Ecbert would enlist help from such a "crazed, religiously obsessed guy", as Hirst puts it.

Aside from adding a bit of much-needed Jesus power to their battalion, "wild card" Heahmund is going to be playing an important role in Ivar's life, and will apparently prove to be a "worthy opponent" against the fierce young Viking. Could we finally see Ivar getting his hands dirty on the battlefield?

Check out Heahmund in the promo for next week's episode of Vikings:

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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