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Is there a more powerful character on TV — female or otherwise — than 's Lagertha? She's survived the loss of her daughter, her home, and her title; she defeated not one, but two treacherous ex-spouses; and she's successfully made herself the Earl of Hedeby. And as Season 4 Episode 13 showed us, she finally exacted her revenge against Aslaug and has taken back Kattegat. That woman is an unstoppable force.

Or is she? A haunting prophecy from the Seer, as well as some big hints dropped by the show's creator, indicate otherwise. Is Lagertha's world going to fall apart again?

A Damning Prophecy

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) recently retweeted an interview from Screener TV with show writer Michael Hirst, in which he hinted at Lagertha's death:

"She really is a Viking, she believes in fate. If it’s her fate to be killed by one of the sons of Ragnar, which the Seer actually tells her in due course that it is, that she’ll accept it.”

Hirst is talking about Season 3 Episode 1, when Lagertha visits the Seer to find out if she will ever bear another child. However, the Seer gives her a far more sinister prophecy:

"I see a trickster whose weapon cleaves you..."

His prediction is, as usual, vague; He doesn't explicitly mention that this "trickster" will kill her, or even their identity, but Hirst's comments are pretty clear that he's talking about Lagertha being killed by one of Ragnar's sons. So who's going to do the deed?

The Trickster

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

The most obvious contender for Lagertha's assassin has to be Ivar. The vengeful, merciless little mommy's boy surely won't be too thrilled to hear that Lagertha has dethroned (and possibly killed) his beloved mother. Not to mention this teaser video that shows Ivar brandishing a dagger at Lagertha, along with the threat "one day I will kill you, Lagertha":

Ivar has proven himself a capable fighter despite his physical disability, and killing Lagertha could be crucial to his character's development. But don't forget who he's going up against. Will Ivar be a worthy match for this great shieldmaiden?

Of course, any of Ragnar's sons could be the one to top her off— except for Björn. Returning from their great Mediterranean raid to find his Aslaug has been overthrown will most likely cause tensions and a feeling of betrayal between Hvitserk and Björn; and Ubbe and Sigurd will no doubt want to exact vengeance on Lagertha for tricking them and keeping them locked up while Kattegat was under attack.

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Not So Fast!

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

The Seer had more to say about Lagertha's future than just her demise:

"I see a city made of marble, and a burning, broiling ocean."

The city of marble could refer to somewhere in the Mediterranean, where Bjorn is currently raiding. Rome has been referred to as "a city of marble" by ruler Augustus Caesar. Interestingly, the real Bjorn Ironside first raided the city of Luna after mistaking it for Rome. Luna was actually the source of Rome's marble supply.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Historically speaking, Lagertha was not Björn's mother, and so did not accompany him on his raid. But the show is known for frequently mixing fact with fiction, so it's entirely possible that Lagertha will join her son in future Mediterranean raids. This is made all the more likely by Winnick's tweet about Lagertha and Rollo's impending reunion:

If so, then that means we're going to see a bit more of Lagertha; Most likely until at least the end of Season 4. If she's going to return with Björn and Hvitserk to the Mediterranean, it's possible that Hvitserk will take that opportunity kill Lagertha. Watch your back, girl!

Another Drop In Ratings

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Let's face it: Vikings has seen a rapid decline in ratings since the first half of Season 4. This has been attributed to the demise of Ragnar's character from a charming, cheeky viking warrior to a dishevelled drug addict— and now, a washed-up old man who's basically destined to die. The metaphorical "death" of Ragnar's legendary might hasn't been well-received by fans.

Lagertha is arguably the show's most beloved character; Fans absolutely worship this badass ruler. But can you imagine the fallout if the show kills her off? Will the series even survive the loss of its queen? Season 5 is already confirmed, but if Lagertha does get killed off we might not see a sixth season.

The New Generation

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

As horrible as it is to even contemplate a Kattegat without Lagertha, her death may be just as necessary as Ragnar's to advance the storyline.

Let's face it: Ragnar and Lagertha are both getting on a bit. Lagertha may still be a total babde, but historically speaking, vikings had a far shorter life expectancy than people do today. They're both grandparents now, and time is against them.

In terms of the sagas that form the basis for the show's narrative, Vikings is shifting its focus onto Ragnar's sons, who in real life went on to achieve far greater feats than their father ever did. Unfortunately, Ragnar's death was a necessary part of that; And just as Ragnar's journey to Valhalla is inevitable, Lagertha must also depart in order for new stories to be told. The only question is, will the show survive without her?

What do you think will happen to Lagertha in the next episode of Vikings?

(Source: Screener TV)


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