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For too long, The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus have been the ultimate champions of behind-the-scenes tomfoolery. The two actors delighted fans with their ongoing "prank wars", which involved everything from chicken-filled trailers to glitter being poured into the air vents of Lincoln's car.

But Reedus and Lincoln had better watch out, because they've got some competition. The cast of have been caught up in a vicious rivalry against each other while filming Season 4, and have documented the whole thing on Instagram. Warning: Bad language ahead!

10. Marco Ilsø's Long-Running Water War Against Alex Høgh Andersen

9. Alex Gets His Liquid Revenge

8. Alex Gets Slap-Happy With Marco

7. Katheryn Winnick Pushes Alexander Ludwig Overboard

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6. Jordan Patrick Smith Gets Cabbaged

5. Right In The Face!

4. Marco Attacks Moe Dunford While He's Vulnerable

3. Alex Has One Last Stab At Marco

2. Alex Pranks Us All By Pretending To Have Marco Arrested

1. Alex Finally Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine

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