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History has been releasing a lot of teasers in the lead-up to Season 4B, and they've been loaded with hints at what's to come— especially this one:

One of the biggest questions viewers have after watching that teaser is the identity of the shirtless, dark-haired teenager being sacrificed by Lagertha.

It could be that he's a random sacrifice, such as Leif from the journey to Uppsala in Season 1. But then again, he seems to be getting a lot of screen time for a random sacrifice. Is he an important character, or even someone we've already met? The answer might just surprise you.

Who's The Viking?

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

That's Josh Donaldson, a pro baseball player and a massive Vikings fan in his own right. He will play Hoskuld towards the end of Season 4, a mighty viking warrior. He's no actor, but the producers invited him on as a guest star to live out his pagan dreams. And what better way to get into the swing of viking life than to participate in a bloody sacrifice?

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So Who's The Kid?

There's been speculation that the sacrifice might be Magnus. If Magnus is indeed Ragnar's son, it wouldn't be surprising that Lagertha might want to get rid of her ex-husband's illegitimate child to a Christian Saxon.

However, as we saw with Season 4 Episode 14, Magnus is blonde. So who else could it be? If hair is anything to go by, Episode 14 gave us a big hint.


Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Lagertha's sacrifice is none other than Alfred, the love child of Princess Judith and Athelstan. He may look a little different to the young kid we saw in Episode 14, but there's no doubt that it's him after another significant time jump for the show. Here's why:

  • Ferdia Walsh-Peelo Has Been Dropping Major Hints

Irish actor Ferdia Walsh-Peelo has been posting a lot of photos from the set of Vikings, and it's pretty obvious who he's going to be playing. While he hasn't come out and admitted it directly, he's revealed more than enough with his hashtagging:

He's been hashtagging his snaps like it's going out of style, suggesting that Sarah Greene (Judith) is "mother dearest". He's also posted a few photos with co-star Daren Cahill, his alleged "brother", who looks to play Aethelred (Judith and Aethelwulf’s son):

  • Christ-Like Qualities
Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

In the shot we see with Lagertha, the young boy looks a lot like, well, Jesus. He's shirtless, has longer hair, and is reaching out to connect with his pagan opposers, despite their ill intentions for him. This is very reminiscent of his father Athelstan, particularly in his final moments before his execution at the hands of Floki. Like father, like son!

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Floki's Reaction

Speaking of Floki, the fact that the trailer cuts straight from the shot of Lagertha killing the boy, to a shot of Floki's face is very suggestive that this is Alfred. It's no secret that Floki despised Athelstan for his Christian faith and relationship with Ragnar, and it would make sense that Floki would want to kill his son as well.

Off With His Head!

Ferdia Walsh-Peelo also posted the following photo to his Instagram, which shows him having his head cast on set:

This could mean that young Alfred is going to be beheaded by the ruthless vikings of Kattegat. Looks like he's going to meet an even worse fate than his father!

Do you think the sacrifice is Alfred, or could it be someone else?

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]


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