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Kattegat hasn't been the same since Lagertha's departure in Season 2. Her love for Ragnar wasn't enough to withstand his betrayal against her with Aslaug, so she left the past behind her and set out in search for greater things. It was a heartbreaking but necessary end to their relationship that left viewers reeling.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

But the return of Season 4 has seen old chemistry stirring between the feisty shieldmaiden and her former flame once more. As Ragnar came to say his farewells to Lagertha in Episode 11, she uttered just a few tragic words before their steamy kiss:

"No regrets. And yet, every regret."

It's clear that Lagertha isn't over her ex-husband, and she very well may never be. But is her yearning for the life she lost enough to reignite the spark between them? Let's take a look at the evidence for "Ragertha" 2.0:

1. Katheryn Winnick Has Been Dropping Mad Hints

Katheryn Winnick has been running regular Q and A sessions on her Twitter, answering fans' questions about the show and her character. Naturally, fans have been dying to know what the future holds for her and her lost love.

According to Winnick, if Lagertha and Ragnar somehow had access to social media, their Facebook relationship status wouldn't be "divorced", but "it's complicated". And if that isn't enough of a hint of things to come in Season 4B, then this sure is:

This clearly refers to not one, but multiple scenes — if we've already seen one kiss, then what else is yet to happen?

See also:

If Winnick says there are more "juicy scenes of Lagertha and Ragnar coming up", then that means we'll probably see Ragnar return from Wessex. And although he already has a wife waiting for him in Kattegat, Lagertha really doesn't have to worry about her for much longer.

2. No More Queen Aslaug

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Ragnar may technically still be married to Aslaug, but their loveless marriage is as good as done for, as was suggested by Ragnar's brutally honest words to the bitter queen in Episode 12. Ragnar only ever pursued Aslaug because he felt she could give him the sons the seer had promised him. Now that he has his sons, what use is she to him anymore?

Even if Ragnar and Aslaug were still going strong, their marriage would be of little concern to Lagertha; the Earl has other plans for the woman who stole her husband.

3. Lagertha Will Take Back What Is Rightfully Hers

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Lagertha did attempt to make peace with Aslaug in Episode 11, suggesting that the two both officiate a sacrifice in order to bring the luck of the gods on their sons' journey together. Aslaug firmly reminded Lagertha that she was now the queen, to which Lagertha responded: "I never forget anything."

If that was their last chance at reconciliation, then Aslaug threw it right out the window. Even worse, she's now invoked the wrath of the master of revenge herself. Just ask her last two husbands! Oh wait, you can't. She murdered them. And judging from what she said at the ceremony, Aslaug's future isn't looking too positive:

The promos we've seen of Vikings Season 4B have clearly shown Lagertha marching on Kattegat. While she is still Earl of Hedeby, she desires to take back what was stolen from her, and give the people of Kattegat a proper leader— unlike Aslaug, whom she deems unfit to rule.

But this isn't just about leadership. When Aslaug came knocking on her front door all those years ago, pregnant with Ragnar's bastard child, Lagertha lost so much more than her home and her title. She had the love of her life taken away. Will she use her takeover of Kattegat as a second chance at her former life with Ragnar? Could things ever go back to the way they once were?

4. But What About Astrid?

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Aslaug may be little more than a minor inconvenience to a potential reunion for Ragnar and his ex-wife, but Lagertha's love life is more complicated. In the years since her return from Paris, Earl Ingstad has found a new flame: Astrid.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Astrid is Lagertha's protegé, undergoing rigorous training with the region's most seasoned shieldmaiden. It's unclear how long their sexual relationship has been going on, but there's definitely a close connection between the two.

Astrid is clearly threatened by Ragnar's reappearance in her lover's life, even going so far as to confront Lagertha about her possible desire to be with him again. Rather than reassure her, Lagertha is uncertain of whether she does or doesn't want him back:

"I am never totally sure about my feelings for Ragnar; What I should or shouldn't do."

Lagertha's feelings for Astrid can never compare to the deep bond she and Ragnar share. If she still can't seem to fully move on, even after all these years, will she take the plunge and finally take him back? It certainly seems likely.

Check out Lagertha's attack on Kattegat in the promo for Season 4 Episode 13 of Vikings!


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