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#Vikings has really kicked things up a notch this season, with our favorite heathens' fates taking a turn for the wild. So much has changed since Season 3, and the future is brimming with potential for the residents of Kattegat. Check out our handy guide to help you get up to speed:

'Vikings' Season 4 News

  • 2nd January 2017— Travis Fimmel confirms Ragnar will not return

Despite some fans insisting that Ragnar's wasn't really dead, or that he would return as a ghost in Season 5, Travis Fimmel announced in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that his character would definitely not be returning to the show.

'Vikings' Season 4 Episode Promos

Ragnar's sons have rallied the biggest army they've ever seen and are set to get revenge for his tragic death. Will Aelle be ready for war?

Check out the promo for Vikings Season 4 Episode 18, 'Revenge War':

'Vikings' Season 4 Air Date

New episodes of Vikings Season 4B air every Wednesday night at 9pm Eastern Standard Time on the History Channel. Depending on where in the world you live, you can catch new episodes on the History Channel official website, Hulu and Amazon Prime.

'Vikings' Season 4: The Story So Far

Season 3 of Vikings left us on a major cliffhanger, with the Paris siege ending with a surprising degree of success. Here's a recap of everything that's happened:

Season 4B

Check out the official Comic-Con trailer for Season 4B:

Many years have passed since Ragnar's last siege on Paris, and he has now returned to Kattegat, which is now a thriving trade centre for the region. He encourages his sons to kill him for his title of king, but they refuse, greeting their long-lost father with some warmth.

Ragnar asks his sons to accompany him to England, which they also refuse, as they have their own plans. Björn and Hvitserk depart on a voyage to the Mediterranean, stopping at Paris on the way to be granted safe passage by Rollo. Rollo agrees, on the condition that they take him with them. They agree, and Rollo joins them, leaving behind his three children and his infuriated wife, Gisla.

Back in Kattegat, Ragnar tries to hang himself but survives after the rope snaps. Realizing the gods have a different fate planned for him, he asks his crippled son Ivar (who has grown into a dangerous and violent young man) to accompany him to England, and they depart with a small raiding party, despite Aslaug's warnings of a dire storm that will kill them all. As predicted, their boat is hit by a storm, which kills several of their warriors. Shipwrecked on the coast of Wessex, they set up camp overnight in the forest, where Ragnar and Ivar slaughter the rest of the group in order to proceed alone.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Ivar and Ragnar reach Ecbert's kingdom, where Ragnar is beaten and both are taken prisoner and separated. Ecbert introduces his prisoner to Kwenthrith and Ragnar's alleged son, Magnus. Ragnar denies that he is Magnus' father, as he and Kwenthrith apparently never had sex. Magnus is exiled from Wessex by Aethelwulf, and Judith introduces Ragnar to Athelstan's son, Alfred.

Ragnar wants Ecbert to kill him, but Ecbert says he cannot. The two make a new deal, in which Ecbert will turn Ragnar in to Aelle. Ecbert promises Ragnar that he will get Ivar back to Kattegat safely. Before Ivar leaves for Kattegat, Ragnar tells him that he must seek vengeance against both Aelle and Ecbert.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Ragnar is caged and taken to King Aelle. During the journey, the coachman tells Ragnar that he is blind, but able to "see" Ragnar. This matches the Seer's prophecy that Ragnar will die "when the blind man sees him".

Once in possession of Ragnar, Aelle tortures his captive. He then suspends him above a snake pit before dropping him to his death.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Meanwhile, Lagertha is shown to have survived the Paris siege. She plots to attack Kattegat and take back her title from Aslaug with the help of her new lover Astrid and Björn's wife Torvi. After locking up Ubbe and Siggurd in Hedeby, Lagertha attacks Kattegat, taking control of the village and killing Aslaug. Lagertha is now queen.

Lagertha Vs. Aslaug: Who Ruled Better On 'Vikings'?

A seasick Ivar is returned to his brothers, where Ubbe and Siggurd inform him that their mother been murdered. Ivar challenges Lagertha to solo combat, but she refuses.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Ruling Kattegat alone is proving difficult without Ragnar. Lagertha orders her people to start building defences around the town, which she feels is far too vulnerable. Her precautions aren't unwarranted, either; Harald and Halfdan, who are raiding with Björn, are plotting to take over Kattegat in order for Harald to become king of Norway.

Ivar, Ubbe and Siggurd have decided to amass a great army in order to declare war on Aelle. They invite earls from other kingdoms to come fight alongside them. With their help, Ubbe and Ivar trap Lagertha in the hall during a feast in an attempt to kill her; But Björn returns from his raid and stops them. He same age that their own daughter would have been, if she hadn't died. Floki protests, but she refuses to listen and takes the girl. Odin pays a visit to Ragnar's sons and brings news of his death.H

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

Ivar, Ubbe and Siggurd have decided to amass a great army in order to declare war on Aelle. They invite earls from other kingdoms to come fight alongside them. With their help, Ubbe and Ivar trap Lagertha in the hall during a feast in an attempt to kill her; But Björn returns from his raid and stops them. Later, Hvitserk confesses that he doesn't care about killing Lagertha, and is more concerned with avenging their father. Meanwhile, Harald and Halfdan begin to plan their takeover of Kattegat with their new friend, Egill.

Season 4A

Need to catch up on what happened before Ragnar disappeared? Here's a recap of Vikings Season 4A, as well as the official trailer:

  • Ragnar and Aslaug

Suffering some serious injuries, Ragnar returns to Kattegat to face new battles closer to home. Resentment between him and Aslaug has been building for years, and Ragnar faces a dilemma when Aslaug purchases and presents him with Yidu, a Chinese slave girl. Ragnar is unsure of the offering at first, but after he grants Yidu her freedom the two begin a strange love affair. Yidu introduces the viking to a highly addictive Chinese drug, and confesses to him that she is the daughter of the Chinese emperor.

Ragnar takes Yidu with him on another raid of Paris, which fails spectacularly due to Ragnar's out-of-control drug problem. The other vikings constantly question his motives and leadership abilities. He has an argument with Yidu, which ends with him drowning her in a river. He is determined to kill his brother, Rollo, who has abandoned his viking heritage for a new life in Paris.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

The murder of Athelstan has divided Aslaug and Ragnar, with Aslaug unable to understand why a viking would mourn the death of a mere Christian. She devotes herself to her young sons, asking Floki to teach Ivar to despise Christianity like a true viking.

While Ragnar is in France with Ubbe and Hvitserk, Aslaug begins to drink heavily. The return of her old flame Harbard reignites an old spark, and the two have an affair, which Floki sees in a vision. But after learning that Harbard has also been getting down with other Kattegat women, Aslaug is distraught, which causes Harbard to leave; His connection to her was never intended to be monogamous. Heartbroken, she begins drinking again, and Björn's young daughter Siggy drowns while Aslaug is supposed to be watching her.

After his defeat in Paris, Ragnar disappears for many years and leaves Aslaug to rule, returning to Kattegat as a despised man. He encourages his now-grown sons to challenge his title as king.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Floki

Ragnar's BFF Floki isn't faring so well after being arrested by Björn for the murder of Athelstan. Tied up and humiliated, things looked pretty dire for the boat builder. His wife, Helga, attempts to get by without her husband, but suffers the loss of their daughter, who has fallen ill.

Ragnar takes mercy upon his friend and frees him, but their friendship is clearly strained from the betrayal. The seer reveals a cryptic but promising prophecy for Floki, suggesting that he may be the new seer. Floki finds friendship with his new friends, Harald and Halfdan, who have a vague plan to overthrow Ragnar. But things are somewhat patched up between Floki and Ragnar after Ragnar saves his life in the midst of a battle.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Björn and Torvi

After issuing the arrest of Floki, Björn departs on a solo journey to become a real viking man. He isolates himself in the Scandinavian wilderness and begins a stint of solitude in a log cabin. It is here that he fights and kills a huge bear; his official initiation into manhood. He is confronted by a berserker, sent by Erlendur and Kalf, but makes quick work of him.

Still buzzing from his victory, he visits Lagertha in Hedeby and whisks Torvi away from Erlendur in a daring show of romance. Björn becomes obsessed with the map of a distant land that he discovered in France. He and Torvi then depart for another raid of France with the rest of the vikings, where it is revealed that Erlendur (who has access to Torvi's son) is blackmailing Torvi into killing Björn. However, Torvi defies him and kills Erlendur instead, marking her own initiation to becoming a true warrior.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Lagertha

Lagertha is granted the title of Earl of Hedeby by Kalf, under the condition that they are to share the title. Einer disapproves of this decision; Kalf secretly encourages Einar to persuade his supporters to publicly disavow Lagertha. It turns out to be a trap, with those opposed to Lagertha are executed before the shieldmaiden castrates and kills Einar in front of the village.

Lagertha and Kalf's romance develops, and Lagertha falls pregnant. They decide to marry, but Lagertha kills Kalf on their wedding day, becoming the sole ruler of Hedeby and exacting vengeance against the usurper.

Despite being pregnant, she joins Ragnar on his raid of Paris, suffering a miscarriage during the journey. Lagertha also becomes horribly wounded in battle and is carried to safety by her son Björn.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Rollo

Rollo's transition from viking to noble isn't going as smoothly as he'd expected, with the language barrier making life incredibly difficult. His marriage to Gisla is also a disaster, as the princess absolutely despises her new husband. In a display of loyalty to his new country, he slaughters a number of viking families outside of Paris.

In an effort to make his marriage work, Rollo undergoes a very French makeover and devotes himself to learning the language of his new people. Gisla is impressed by his efforts, and their relationship becomes incredibly sexual.

In battle, Rollo successfully thwarts his former fellow vikings not once, but twice, which thoroughly impresses his father-in-law. Odo, who has been plotting against Rollo, is revealed as a traitor and killed, with Therese and Roland being executed shortly after. Gisla is pregnant with Rollo's child, and Rollo is granted the title of Caesar.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • The Saxons

After being betrayed by the people of Mercia, Kwenthrith is imprisoned in a tower with her young son, Magnus. She is rescued by Aethelwulf, and the two begin an affair after returning to Wessex. Kwenthrith falls pregnant.

Aethelwulf's wife, Judith, also abandons her marriage to become Ecbert's mistress, much to the distress of her father Aelle. Aethelwulf and their son, Alfred, depart on a holy pilgrimage to Rome.

Ecbert promises to help Kwenthrith secure her title as ruler of Mercia, but has his own plans to take over the kingdom. Upon learning this, Kwenthrith makes an attempt on his life. She is stopped by Judith, who kills the pregnant Kwenthrith. Her son, Magnus, still lives.

'Vikings' Season 4 Character Deaths

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Siggy

The daughter of Björn and Pórunn, she drowns in a stream when Aslaug is supposed to be watching her.

  • Kwenthrith

Pregnant with Aethelwulf's child, Kwenthrith is stabbed by Judith after she attempts to assassinate Ecbert.

  • Odo

The count is whipped to death by Roland after his treachery is revealed by his sister, Therese.

  • Aslaug

Aslaug is promised safe exile from Kattegat by Lagertha after she is overthrown, but is shot in the back with an arrow as she walks away.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Rolland and Therese

The Parisian siblings are ordered to be executed by strangulation after Emperor Charles realizes that he does not trust them.

  • Kalf

Lagertha murders the earl in front of the people of Hedeby on their wedding day as revenge for taking her title.

  • Yidu

Ragnar drowns Yidu in a river when she threatens to tell his fellow vikings of his knowledge of the massacred settlements in Wessex, and refuses to give him more drugs.

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]
  • Erlendur

Torvi shoots her ex-husband with a crossbow when he attempts to blackmail her into murdering Björn.

  • Einar

The nephew of Sigvard, Lagertha's abusive ex-husband, he is tricked into revealing his betrayal of Lagertha in front of his people, and is castrated and killed by Lagertha with an arrow to the throat.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

The beloved main character of the show, King Ragnar is captured by Ecbert and handed over to Aelle, who tortures him before throwing him into a pit of snakes.

'Vikings' Season 4 New Cast Members

[Alex Høgh Andersen Instagram]
[Alex Høgh Andersen Instagram]

Season 4 has brought plenty of new faces to Vikings, and there's more to come yet. Here's a complete cast list of every new main character seen so far:

  • Peter Franzén as King Harald Finehair
  • Jasper Pääkkönen as Halfdan The Black
  • Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar the Boneless, Ragnar's crippled and youngest son
  • Marco Ilsø as Hvitserk, Ragnar's other son who has accompanied Björn to the Mediterranean
  • David Lindström as Sigurd Snake-in-the-Eye, another son of Ragnar
  • Jordan Patrick Smith as Ubbe, Ragnar and Aslaug's oldest son
  • Isaac O'Sullivan as Alfred, Athelstan's son
  • Cameron Hogan as Magnus, the alleged son of Kwenthrith and Ragnar
  • Ida Nielsen as Margrethe, a slave girl and lover of Ragnar's sons
  • Josefin Asplund as Astrid, Lagertha's lover

And of course, there's still a few new additions we've yet to see to the cast for the rest of Season 4:

  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers as an unknown Saxon
  • Josh Donaldson as Hoskuld, a viking warrior
  • Ferdia Walsh-Peelo as a slightly older Alfred
  • Daren Cahill as Aethelrid, Judith and Aethelwolf's son
Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

'Vikings' Season 4 Theories & Predictions

'Vikings' Season 4 Filming Locations

Vikings [History]
Vikings [History]

'Vikings' Season 4 True Story

Did you know Vikings is based on the real Scandinavian sagas of legendary vikings? Read more about the true story of Vikings here: