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The last installment of Vikings left fans with a huge hole in their hearts and a group of warriors without a leader. Season 4 saw the end of Ragnar Lothbrok and beginning of a new era on , so naturally we're all wondering where their treacherous tale could go next. Enter this this year's , where show creator Michael Hirst and a few cast members sat down with EW and talked about everything from Game of Thrones comparisons to the civil war brewing with Ragnar's family .

The aftermath of 's death will undoubtedly be the focal point of the upcoming season. We'll see new alliances form that will pit brother against brother, and watch as Bjron (Ironside) Lothbrok grows into the voyager that vastly exceeds his (real life) father's legacy.

Hirst explains what's in store for the brothers as their war ensues:

"They'll be going their separate ways including, for the first time, going to the Mediterranean."

'Vikings' [Credit: History]
'Vikings' [Credit: History]

Following Hirst's comments, Alexander Ludwig (Bjron Lothbrok) emphatically threw his support behind his director, expressing his respect for the creators's creative vision:

"It's truly spectacular... Michael fights for our project and it's not Game of Thrones or anything like that all... It's a historical piece and he's telling a story about a family... He fights for that."

Ludwig's statement makes sense: while the Game of Thrones comparisons are there, the History channel hit show is more of a docudrama and follows a specific family unlike the HBO hit. From the show's beginning it has focused on the Vikings journey from farmers to conquerors, with Ragnar Lothbrok leading the way.

'Vikings' [Credit: History]
'Vikings' [Credit: History]

Additionally, the development of Katheryn Winnick's character Lagatha was addressed by the actress herself during this conversation, with points made about how thoroughly she's progressed since Since Season 1:

"From season one we saw Lagtha go from a farmer, to a shield maiden, to losing it all and now being queen... We don't know how long that's gonna last, but she definitely has some challenges."

By "challenges" Winnick's refers to the inevitable fate her character will suffer, for that was prophesied last season: When Lagatha went to the Seer (John Kavanagh) he explained that she will die by the hand of Ragnar's son — but which one? Her co-star, Alex Anderson (Ivar) added his two cents:

"She will be killed by one of the sons of Ragnar... So which one, I'm not sure... Could it be Ubbe? Could it be Marco's character? Could it be Ivar? Could it be my son?"

Michael Hirst winked that perhaps it could be Ed Sheeran who ends Lagatha's life — but we all know how that would end, don't we?

Don't forget to check out Vikings this November 29, 2017 on History.

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