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Sadly, Lagertha's win against Eggil and his fellow invaders on Vikings wasn't quite as victorious as we'd hoped. While it at first looked like Kattegat had triumphed over their adversaries, we were suddenly confronted by the sight of one of our most beloved shieldmaidens, bloody and unconscious on the ground.

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

Is She Dead?

To be honest, Torvi looks pretty dead, and it's not surprising that there'd be a few casualties from that brutal takeover attempt. Despite arguing with her partner before his departure, Torvi's loss would be sure to devastate Björn, who now seems to have lost two partners and a daughter.

But perhaps there's hope for Torvi yet. Just before the camera cut away, she clearly blinked — could she be alive?

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Straight From The Horse's Mouth

Vikings creator Michael Hirst — who, by the way, is the father of the actor who plays Torvi — said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that fans "may be wrong" in assuming she's dead.

However, this isn't the first time he's hinted at a dead character surviving — he did once suggest that Ragnar could return, despite Travil Fimmel saying otherwise. So who can we count on for answers?

Time To Consult The Shieldmaidens

Georgia Hirst, who plays Torvi, has been absolutely torturing viewers by posting photos of herself in costume and covered in blood on her Instagram, perhaps as a way of capturing her last moments on the show. Luckily, her Twitter activity tells another story.

As per usual, Katheryn Winnick (Lagertha) has revealed some juicy details on her Twitter. The actor often holds a weekly Q&A session for Vikings fans, and she was more than happy to answer a fan's query over Torvi's fate:

It's safe to assume that "hell bo" is probably a typo, and what Winnick is really trying to say is: "hell no". Hirst retweeted the comment, which looks like unofficial confirmation that Torvi isn't dead just yet — thank the gods!

Will Torvi survive past next week's episode of Vikings?

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)


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