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Emotions were running high on this week's episode of , and Floki was no exception. He confessed to Helga that he didn't feel that building boats was "enough" any more, and that he was feeling overwhelmed by his discontent.

However, Floki may have found the answer to his problems in Spain. Hearing the strange sound that was the Islamic call to prayer, Floki stumbled upon a mosque. But surprisingly, the heathen wasn't disgusted by this foreign religion— he was intrigued:

In an even more bizarre turn of events, his intrigue turned to reverence, and he was horrified to discover that Harald and Halfdan were intending to slaughter those praying inside:

"No more killing! Not in here! Not in this place! I forbid it. If you want to kill these people, you have to kill me first."

Considering his usual contempt for any religion other than his own, as well as his history of killing Christians inside their own place of worship, his reaction seemed pretty out of character. Could a conversion be on the cards for this highly religious pagan?

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Finding Meaning Through Faith

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

When Floki shared his feelings of emptiness with his wife, he didn't hold back. He revealed that he was "lost", and that he no longer knew what his purpose was, despite his impressive boat-building skills:

"It's not enough. I feel like an empty vessel. I am hollow. I need something to fill me up".

Floki was incredibly close with Ragnar, so it's not surprising that he can sense his loss already— despite not yet receiving the news of his death. In the first half of Season 4, Floki lost his daughter, and almost lost Helga, too. He's been through some hard times, and it would make sense that he would want to find solace in a higher power.

So what about his own gods? Floki is undeniably the most religious character on the show, but the events of the past few years may have him doubting his own religion, much like Ragnar did. Is it time for Floki to find a new faith?

A Religion He Can Respect

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

There's no denying it: Floki hates Christianity. It's what drove him to kill Athelstan, caused a huge rift between him and Ragnar, and makes him detest the treacherous Rollo. He's the most devout pagan you'll meet.

However, Floki has a different view of Islam. He knows nothing of this new religion, and he's absolutely fascinated. When Harald and Halfdan question where the Muslims' gods are, Floki says that he "can't see any, and yet they're praying with such passion". Floki respects their devotion to their faith; Despite the vikings' threatening presence in their most sacred place, they continue to pray and worship, unflinching in the face of death. It's a kind of bravery that Floki can relate to.

Floki has a very different view of Christianity. He views Christians as weak, just like their crucified "god" (Jesus), who he has only seen depicted as a bleeding man pinned to a cross. The Christians he's encountered are fearful, and don't seem to gain the same strength from their faith.

That's not to say that either religion is better or worse than the other. But to Floki, they're different in the most important way.

Floki's Destiny

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]

So is Floki going to abandon Odin for Alla? If the Seer's prophecies are anything to go by, probably not. He was thrilled by his visit from Floki, saying that he had waited a long time for his arrival— hundreds of years, in fact. His message was cryptic, but it points to two likely explanations.

The first is that Floki is the incarnation of the god Loki, which would make sense— the Seer was pretty excited to meet him. The second possibility is that Floki is destined to be the next Seer. This would explain his abilities, such as his vision of Harbard and Aslaug having sex. The fact that the Seer then licked Floki's hand suggests that this is the most likely meaning.

Of course, it wouldn't quite make sense for either a Norse god or a viking Seer to abandon Paganism for Islam. But who knows— perhaps Floki will take a leaf out of Ragnar's book and try to merge the two religions.

Do you think Floki will experience a religious crisis?

Vikings [Credit: History]
Vikings [Credit: History]


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