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My comic knowledge is fairly limited and based on animations like , Superman: The Animated Series, , and . Some villains stood out, while some were simply forgotten; others seemed to be mere copies of each other. The may have missed an opportunity with the troll version of Doomsday and the hipster Lex Luthor. However, that's only two strikes compared to Marvel's many missteps in the villain department. I'm not a DC fan because of the heroes that are so well known. No, I'm a fan because of the memorable villains that test the hero in multiple ways.

1. Ares

may be an antagonist that's linked to instead of a Justice League threat, but his abilities make most enemies seem weak by comparison. He's an immortal god that gets stronger with conflict and causes chaos wherever he goes. The Amazons of Themyscira are his "natural" enemies. Wonder Woman was able to defeat him in her 2009 film, but that was due to convenience. Ares can lead and control armies, which I think makes him a threat worthy of the Justice League. While he's known for his strength, he's also quite the cunning strategist as well. Though some writers have made him into an idiot, I'd love to see Wonder Woman or Superman go up against Ares in a future film.

Now, there have been rumors that could be playing the character in the Wonder Woman film. I didn't buy it until I saw the most recent trailer with Huston squaring off with Wonder Woman towards the end. I can't see a normal human fighting Wonder Woman with a sword; there has to be more to it. It wouldn't be the first time that he's played the primary antagonist in a film. I guess I expected him to be a little younger. Either way, Houston's performances are usually spot-on when playing a smooth-talking villain, which is really important for a manipulator like Ares. X-Men Origins: Wolverine may have put a blemish on his resume, but The Proposition renewed my faith in his abilities. Hopefully, he can enhance the DCEU with his talents for playing a bad guy.

Watch the Wonder Woman trailer (and Danny Huston's appearance) below:

2. Black Adam

Now, I have some big concerns when it comes to the casting of the character. Having Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the role does worry me. Anyone who's seen Doom or any of his family friendly features will understand why. I'd prefer Arnold Vosloo instead. All I want is a tough villain who can exploit Superman's weakness to magic. Not really a fan of kryptonite. has super strength and a brilliant mind along with his deadly magic. The Superman/Shazam!: The Return of Black Adam movie showcased how dangerous Black Adam could be — he really gave Superman a run for his money. Now, put that into the DCEU version of Superman, who's rather inexperienced in combat. Sounds like a good fight to me.

3. Brainiac

is one of Superman's most dangerous and well-known adversaries. I'm unfamiliar with his comic book version, but I'd say there's a good chance that he'll show up in the DCEU at some point. This is a villain that has been known to overpower Superman and the Justice League on occasion. He's a true threat that's worthy of the League's attention. His powers are similar to Superman's and he's one of the smartest characters in DC comics. Sounds like a deadly combination along with his knowledge of advanced technology. He was the central villain of the DC Universe: Online game for a reason. Also, his connections to Krypton make him a perfect candidate for a future villain.

4. Trigon

Go ahead and say it: You can't use him! is a Teen Titans villain! That's true, but I think he brings a lot of threats to the table that other antagonists can't match. He's beaten the Justice League and the Titans before, so he's a credible threat. Technically, Trigon is a demon with a few different origin stories. His abilities seem pretty limitless compared to other superpowered beings in the DC Universe. Most of the time he can only be contained and not really beaten. Immortality is a given, along with telepathy, super strength and reality/matter manipulation. Sounds like a nightmare to me.

The Teen Titans show on made me like Deathstroke, but by the end I was more of a Trigon fan. He was the kind of villain that made me wonder if the good guys had any chance of winning. Lastly, the presence of Trigon could make for a great ethical dilemma. Imagine a scenario where Trigon threatened to destroy the Earth if they didn't hand over Raven?

5. Vandal Savage

We've already had a human antagonist with Lex Luthor in Batman v Superman, but even fans of the film have a hard time defending that dreadful performance from Jesse Eisenberg. would give the DCEU another chance at a humanoid villain, even though he would have some actual abilities that Lex lacks. I originally thought that this would be a bad idea since the character is being used on CW shows, but with the addition of to the DCEU, I guess it doesn't matter. He has super strength, immortality, regeneration and significant combat knowledge on his side. That makes for a dangerous villain that might outshine Lex.

These are just suggestions. Are there any other villains who could improve the DCEU?


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