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Sarah Gibson

As you can see, the new poster for 's Riddick (via Coming Soon) makes it clear that "bows to no man". Perhaps he prefers curtsying...

The third movie in the Riddick series, which arrives in theaters September 6th, finds the titular hero left for dead on a desolate planet, fighting for survival against alien predators. The only way for the wanted criminal to escape, is to activate emergency beacon - and with that invite every bounty hunter in the universe to come and take a shot at capturing him. Soon the alien-infested planet has turned into the background for a lethal manhunt.

Diesel's acting success has been a tumultuous affair, but there's nothing keeping this tough guy down, least not bowing. Plus, the new Riddick poster and the countless other promo material makes it blindingly obvious that the third adventure of Diesel's signature character will be the Riddickiest one yet.

Bring. It. On.



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