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Damn, I'm good as this job. Yesterday I speculated how the Blu-Ray and DVD sales of Vin Diesel's Riddick could mean we'll be getting a Riddick 4 in the near future. And guess what? I was totally right. Today, Vin himself took to Facebook to announce the news while dancing to a Katy Perry song (I'm not sure if that's significant).

Ok, maybe I can't take all the credit. and director probably also deserve some praise for getting their movie to the top of the home release chart. Riddick already made a whole heap in theaters (primarily because it was produced on a budget of only $38 million), but apparently it was the Blu-Ray sales which persuaded Universal to greenlight Riddick 4. Check out the 'announcment video' below (skip to 3 minutes for the actual news):


This still doesn't actually count as an official announcement, as Universal still haven't fired off a press release and a lot can go wrong in pre-production, but from the looks of things we will be getting a Riddick 4.

What do you think? Is this music to your ears? What could Riddick 4 contain? Let us know your ideas below.

Source: IGN (via Facebook)


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