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Vin Diesel has revisited the trauma of making the decision about whether of not to complete Furious 7 using CGI and the Walker brothers as stand-ins, following the death of .

Speaking to, went into details about the process and how difficult it was to know what to do. Diesel said:

"The debate is pixels versus people. It is so fucking profound. Nobody has any idea where it’s going to go and because of my unique and horrible experience, losing a best friend, I have this strange insight on what the future will be, and how dangerous a conversation that is."

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Vin opened up about the hiatus in filming that occurred immediately following Walker's tragic accident and death, and the barrage of emotions that came with it. "Right after the tragedy, we stopped shooting for five months. It was a very, very, very dark time for me," Vin disclosed. He went onto talk about how difficult and unique the choice to continue filming Furious 7 using CGI and stand-ins was. "I was seeing something that no actor in Hollywood that you have ever talked to has seen or even thought about, let alone be forced to consider."

But aside from the tough decision to film the remainder of Furious 7 creating Walker's character from CGI and stand-ins, Vin is also now concerned that it means the studio will want to do something similar for future Fast and Furious installments. An emotional Diesel added:

"I already gave power to pixels versus people, just by completing Fast 7, right? We shot a third of it without the person, with only the pixels. And once you do that, where does it end? How bad is it going to get? Would a corporation rather have me dead? At what point would I be more valuable dead? This is scary shit!"

Vin also revealed that he actually initially fought the choice to complete the film with CGI and stand-ins, and now worries it's given the studio the all-clear the use the method in future installments.

"At the time, I fought it and fought it and fought it, and there was a [Universal Studios] executive who said to me, ‘Some day in the future, in the Fast universe, the audience is going to want to see Brian O’Connor come back.’ He said that, based on the evidence, it could be done because we finished Fast 7. And that made me feel weird."

Vin and Paul in The Fast and the Furious [Universal]
Vin and Paul in The Fast and the Furious [Universal]

Vin also mused that although the choice to go forward was hard, using Walker's brothers as stand-ins and CGI meant that the fans of the franchise were able to see a film that was a real labor of love. He said:

"So now I am compliant by having finished the movie, but I was in a situation where I didn’t know what to do. I could have not finished Fast 7 and given Universal back the insurance money but then there would be no Furious 7 and then the fans wouldn’t get their last beautiful Furious 7 movie: A movie that celebrates the brotherhood of our millennium. But in doing so, I also proved that you don’t need Vin Diesel in the flesh. It’s a very, very freaky thing."

Fast 8 hits theaters on April 14, 2017.

Did the use of CGI and stand-ins to recreate Brian O'Conner unsettle you?

Paul Walker as he was recreated using stand-ins and CGI [Universal]
Paul Walker as he was recreated using stand-ins and CGI [Universal]



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