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Superheroes in the are known to have shifting looks. Cap can't seem to keep the same costume for two films, same thing for Iron Man and Ant-Man. One of the characters that has undergone the most changes in the universe is Groot.

We first meet him as a towering creature who can probably crush anyone he wants to. But after sacrificing himself for his team, he becomes a tiny dancing twig. Now in Vol. 2, he's an adorable, yet deadly baby.

Emphasis on "deadly" [Credit: Marvel]
Emphasis on "deadly" [Credit: Marvel]

Most of us were of the understanding that Groot's grown form was his adult version. But as it turns out, that may not be the case... at least according to . The actor sat down for an interview with USA Today. There, he talked about his excitement for a possible Groot/Rocket Racoon team-up film, but he also took the opportunity to reveal an interesting detail about Groot's growing phases.

As the actor puts it, the massive lovable space tree we meet in the first was what could be considered the college-age version of the character, meaning we still haven't seen, as he puts it, the real, fully-grown Groot:

“The first Groot we saw was a freshman in college. This ['Guardians Vol. 2'] Groot is in nursery school. Wait ’til we see the full-fledged working-man Groot. Wait ’til we see Groot!“

That's right, Groot is supposed to be even more massive than he already is. However, that's not too surprising. He is ultimately a tree, and trees can grow to some impressive heights. We also need to consider that the teased ultimate size of the character probably lines up with his comic book counterpart.

Depending on the artist, Groot can be as tall as three full-grown adults on the printed page. So is pulling from the source material on this one. Now, knowing this new version of Groot is underway, you're probably wondering...

When Could We See His New Full-Grown Version?

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

is currently in development. But as James Gunn revealed when he announced his involvement in the film, it will not come out until after Infinity War, which means we'll probably get it around 2020, if not later.

Fortunately for the people eager to see Groot's biggest self, it looks like we won't have to wait that long for it, because his transformation could happen in . The third Avengers adventure is set in real time, therefore four years after Vol. 2. In the latter, Groot is growing at quite a fast rate, even though it's only been a few months since the Guardian's encounter with Ronan the Accuser.

If the little guy can grow so much in the span of just a few months, I imagine he'd grow a whole lot more in four years. Plus, his transformation would make sense, narrative-wise. Groot is perhaps the strongest space a-hole, and will likely prove one of the strongest individuals among the ranks of his aforementioned team and The Avengers.

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With that in mind, Marvel would probably like to give one of the strongest characters in its catalogue the chance to be useful against Thanos, the big bad to which the entire first three phases have been building. Still, I'm just speculating. And while Infinity War seems like the likeliest movie for Groot to finally show off his true self, we don't know for sure. So, as always for unconfirmed movie details, we'll have to wait for further information.

hits theaters on May 5, 2017.

What do you think about the fact that we haven't seen Groot's final form? Will we see it in the near future? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: USA Today]


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