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A while back, Vin Diesel was pictured by the tabloids with a less-ripped-than-usual look and a lot of people had fun teasing him about his "dad bod." Vin Diesel got the chance to respond to those mean-spirited comments in the latest edition of Men's Health, saying that it taught him about body shaming:

"Well, I was a new dad and that was my bod. That stupid episode gave me an idea of how bad body shaming can be.

I'm okay because I've had the best body in New York City for decades."

[Credit: Men's Health]
[Credit: Men's Health]

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[Credit: Men's Health[
[Credit: Men's Health[

The best revenge is living well, eh, Vin? Diesel adds that he's grown into his body confidence by focussing more on enjoying working out than just using it as a means to an end:

"I work out less and enjoy it more these days. It's a time in my week where I don't have to juggle things. I can just exercise and be present in that.

When I play Dominic in Fast, I want to look strong but authentic – not buff. But I never juiced – no effing way."

Catch a buff — sorry, "strong but authentic" — Vin Diesel in the upcoming xXx: Return of Xander Cage.


Do you like the muscular Vin Diesel look?

(Source: Men's Health)


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