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Yesterday the final trailer for The Fate of the Furious was released and we got our best look yet at what the plot for the film might revolve around. Obviously we already knew that somehow our beloved Dom had been pulled to the dark side, but now more than ever it seems like that's actually happening against his will.

However, not only did we see more about why Dom might have been forced to work for Cipher (Charlize Theron), but it was also revealed that Cipher has been a villain for a lot longer than we ever knew. Missed it? Rewatch the trailer to spot the moment Cipher reveals that she's been watching Dom since Fast & Furious 6:

Speaking to EW, Vin Diesel talked a little more about that big reveal, including its link to Letty (Michelle Rodriguez). Vin explains:

"Everyone in the world thought Letty was dead, including the studio and Michelle Rodriguez. But I fought for her character, because I knew there was something about their relationship that provided a core heart to the saga. When she signs up with Owen Shaw [in Furious 6], she is put on Cipher's radar. It all starts in London, in some ways."

London, Abu Dhabi and Cuba [Credit: Universal]
London, Abu Dhabi and Cuba [Credit: Universal]

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Letty was presumed dead after the events of Fast & Furious 4, when she was apparently murdered in a high speed crash involving nitro-methane. It was later revealed that during Fast & Furious 4 Letty had been working undercover for the FBI, in the hopes of clearing Dom's record. However, at the very end of Fast 5 we learned that Letty was actually alive.

During Fast & Furious 6 Letty is revealed alive and well, though suffering from amnesia following her accident in Fast & Furious 4. Due to this amnesia she has sided with Owen Shaw, and working in London. Clearly it was during this period in time when Cipher became aware of Letty, Dom and the Fast Family, and has kept up with their activities since then. But why exactly Cipher has been so fixated with the group for all this time still remains to be seen, I guess we'll find out on April 14 when the film hits theaters.


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