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Paul Walker inspired many people, and none more so than his Fast & Furious family. Michelle Rodriguez and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson have both shared emotional tributes, but Vin Diesel gave perhaps the biggest outpouring in a recent Facebook Live video.

According to Vin Diesel, it was Paul Walker who inspired him to have children. That's a pretty big assertion, considering what a man takes into consideration before having kids. Is the world a good place? Can I care for a helpless little being? Are there good people to help me raise my child in a loving environment?

Paul Walker gave Vin Diesel the confidence to say YES to all of these soul-searching questions, and that's pretty amazing. Check out the video.

The video, streamed via Facebook Live at a September 17 charity event for ROWW, saw Vin Diesel tell fans the incredible extent of his love and trust for Paul:

"He must've been God-sent because he put me on the right path. He set me up. And when we did the first 'Fast & Furious,' I was already 30 years old or something, but he was a father. When we were in the cars in between takes, he would tell me, 'Hey, Vin, it's not a scary thing to become a father,' [and] give me all the good advice. Next thing I know, I am a dad. ... [He] is why I named my daughter Pauline, because of the credit that Paul Walker deserves in my personal life. Paul was very instrumental in my segue into fatherhood. He was the one that told me to go to the hospital. He's the one that told me to cut the umbilical cord. He told me to cut the umbilical cord! [He was] the only person, in California, that knew I was about to have a child."

Vin and Paul loved to share smiles. Image: HuffPo
Vin and Paul loved to share smiles. Image: HuffPo

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Vin Diesel's daughter, Pauline, is named after Paul Walker. What more beautiful tribute could anyone ask for? Thanks, Vin, for sharing such tender feelings with your fans.

Is there anyone special enough to you to name your child after them?

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