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Yeah, you read that right. Hollywood nice-guy Vin Diesel is apparently gearing up to drive Fast and Furious all the way from the big screen onto the stage in what is clearly one of the most bizarre franchise adaptations we've seen in a long time.

Announcing his participation in the live-entertainment area tour — starting in January 2018 — Vin will once again be milking the Universal Studios money-maker for every last drop. In a Facebook video, the actor took a break from posting videos of his beautiful vocals singing sweet nothings into our waiting ears to announce:

"As you know, my work with 'Fast and Furious' never ends, which I’m grateful for because of you all. I am in New York, believe it or not, and we are filming something that is going to be pretty state of the art, something no one’s ever seen before, which is a live show."

Repeatedly zoning in on his "Toretto" badge in case we missed it or simply forgot that he played character Dominic Toretto in the million-dollar, eight-film series, added:

"I think it’s first going to be showed at the O2 Arena in London, but it’s going to go all over the world and we’re really excited about it. It’ll be a way for you to see the action first-hand, first time it’s ever been done."

As it stands, all we know is that this live-show is happening and that it will include recreations of various stunts seen in the franchise, but lovingly performed in the enclosed space of an arena stage to the hysterical shrieks of paying fans. And while we continue to contemplate how a car chase can actually occur in a theatre without some kind of road, let's just hope the show-runners decide to keep the explosions to a minimum.

Would you go to see the Fast & Furious arena tour?


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