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Remember two weeks ago when that gorgeous fan art piece depicting an imagined The Iron Giant sequel got us all nostalgic and sad it never happened?

Well, don't worry kids, because is back in a role exactly like it with the exception he's not obviously metal on the outside and it will be live action. Seriously.

Deadline is reporting that MGM is in talks with director to pilot the Vin Diesel vehicle The Machine, in which Vin will be playing, uh, a machine. Specifically, he will be playing a human-like machine that is secretly engineered by the government to be its ultimate weapon before the project is shut down and disbanded. Then, they apparently lose their multi-million dollar machine because, hey, that makes sense. He'll end up being found by a pair of kids who will presumably teach him what it means to be human, as he steps up to protect the family from the very government that created him.

The movie is being written by the Night at the Museum tag-team of and , otherwise known as Lieutenant Dangle and Junior from Reno 911!.

Shankman and Diesel have already teamed up once before for The Pacifier, so we can only hope it will be a far better movie than... whatever that was.

SO, if you're totally excited about the idea of Vin playing another machine-that-finds-acceptance, G-rated Terminator-style, then this is the movie for you. [[follow]] and we'll keep you updated with the latest developments for The Machine.


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