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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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Vin Diesel may be one of the world's hottest movies stars but that doesn't mean he doesn't have the time to keep his fans updated. His Facebook is, quite frankly, a thing of beauty, ranging from absurd, to heartwarming to painfully sexy. Let's take a look at all the times Vin Diesel set Facebook on fire.

Even Vin Is Partial To A Bathroom Selfie

Those mirrors are giving us serious Vin Diesel inception, imagine a universe made up of only Vin Diesel as far as the eye can see! Tingles!

Lord, have mercy! This is too much for us to take. What I would give to be that towel.

We love that he advocates the protection and preservation of these wonderful animals. We wonder why he has such an affinity for them? It is their big hulking mass, their great strength or, like the elephants, does Vin have an all powerful trunk?

They say an elephant never forgets and we certainly think that anyone lucky enough to come across Diesel definitely wouldn't forget that either.

As nature intended, the power elephant shrouding the equally powerful Vin Diesel, it's though mother nature designed it herself.

"My Daddy's Bigger Than Your Daddy."

"Well, My Daddy's Vin Diesel, Bitch"

Hot man and baby alert, HOT MAN AND A BABY, this is not a drill. Avert thine eyes and save your ovaries from exploding.

God help the person that wants to date Vin's daughter when she's old enough. Imagine rocking up to pick her up for a date and Vin is standing there giving you the dad rules.

Vin's kids are going to be bad-asses, so they won't need protecting by Vin, they'll be able to do it all themselves.

Sushi Skills From Samuel L Jackson?

This video is glorious, one because Vin is talking about Samuel as though he's not there, and two he's totally fan girling over the badass motherf**ker.

A Sunset With Vin

0.40 seconds in when Vin licks his lips with that sunset in the back. I'm done, stick a fork in me, I'm done. We also love how thankful he is for the people who have shaped his life. Vin, you wonderful fellow.

Vin, The God Of The Sea

How many other celebrities do you know who take the time to edit their own videos to post to their fans? Vin looks after us well, bow down.

It's Like He's Singing To My Soul

That vibrato, how hasn't he done a musical yet? Don't worry Vin, we're saying yeah, yeah, yeah!

Vin Diesel, movie star, sex god, musician and dancer. He has it all.

Vin And The Queen?

Helen and Vin have an unlikely friendship after he secured her a part in the upcoming movie Fast 8. We reckon Mirren is just as smitten as we are. Just look at that face!

Paul Walker: Lest We Forget

Vin was devastated at the news of Paul's passing, he continues to remember his friend with tattoos and the naming of his daughter, Pauline.

All the feels. It's wonderful to see Vin's devotion to his friend and it's great to see such an influential guy encouraging men to express their tenderest emotions.

Vin Diesel The Pole Dancer?

Diesel showing off his strength here, either that or he has the ability to control gravity?

Oh I would love to shove some dollar into those shorts. Werk, Vin, Werk it all.

Maybe Vin has a part time job in-between movies? Those skills are definitely going to waste if not.

Ok, we get it now, calm down. You're really strong! Looking at that torso never gets old though.

I think it's fair to say that Vin basically owns Facebook, with 100,000,000 followers and posts as good as these it's easy to see why. We'll leave you with an inspirational quote of Vin's, yeah that's the only reason we love this picture, promise:

Which Vin Diesel post is your favorite?


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