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and have reunited, and they're looking to gain some important work experience. The pair, who were last seen together in 2005's The Wedding Crashers, will be appearing side-by-side in 's The Internship.

At the moment, we've seen very little from this project, but it looks like the pre-release publicity pump has just started up, as a brand new poster for The Internship has hit the internetz. Check it out below:

(via Collider)

Both Vaughn and Wilson will play a couple of out-dated salesmen who find themselves made redundant in the modern information age. In an attempt to prove they still have some worth to the world, they both manage to scam their way into prestigious internships at Google. But, now surrounded by the computing elite of the world, the pair must battle to keep their positions and get the final job.

The Internship will also star , , and . It's due to hit theaters on June 7. With that date getting closer, we can expect a lot more pictures, posters, and trailers to come our way, so make certain you [[follow]] the movie to get them as we do.


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