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Mark Newton

It seems 'viral videos' is the key buzzword making its way around RoboCop's marketing offices. The reboot directed by has already released several viral videos, websites and images and now it's got one more.

The new video, which purports to be an OmniFoundation commercial, calls for volunteers to 'sacrifice' themselves in the defense manufacturer's new RC2000 R&D program — that's basically the one which gave you RoboCop. Check out the video below:


Hmm. It's a good try, but the effort is slightly undone by the fact OmniCorp is so obviously sinister. We get it, it's an evil corporation, we don't really need it thrust down our throats.

Anyway, what do you think? Will this RoboCop stand out like the original, or will it be instantly forgotten? Let us know below.


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