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Alisha Grauso

Last week, we rolled out our third installment of our epic, awesome, 100% reader-driven fan-casting challenge for YOU to choose the next Wonder Woman!

As you know, the rumors are flying fast that she's to be part of the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and so we've pitted 16 actresses who have been rumored to be up for the role against one another in a bracket-style tournament.

And now, we're down to the final round! It's down to two experienced and beautiful kickers of ass, Thor warrior and Underworld assassin . Want to help sway the votes for your choice?

Then CLICK HERE to vote in the final round!

Will it be Kate or will it be Jaimie? Death Dealer Selene or Asgardian warrior Lady Sif?

Vote now and may the best woman win!


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