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Akuma Films is looking to make three horror shorts come to life through Storyhive and they need your help!

Storyhive is a community-powered Telus film fund that awards production grants and distribution to film makers in Western Canada. Once a project is a proposed and approved by the Storyhive team, a voting process begins, allowing everyone to choose which film pitches are greenlit. This year marks the first ever "Female Director Edition," which has seen over 200 pitches from up-and-coming as well as established female filmmakers from British Columbia and Alberta.

Working with a team of excellent directors Akuma looks to bring three separate horror shorts, each with their own flair and signature styles.

The Man In The Rabbit Mask — Director: Ariel Hansen, Writer: Joel H. Brewster

An innocent sleepover becomes a nightmarish evening when two girls summon a cryptic masked man known as Mr. Rabbity.”

Rabbit mask-wearing psychopaths or monsters are nothing new in horror — we’ve seen it done before, but no definitive lore exists — until now! A somewhat homage to classic movie killers and '90s era nostalgia, this is an urban legend in the making. A creeping monster who offers chocolates in exchange for the souls of children, preying on their curiosity and innocence. Mr. Rabbity is Bloody Mary meets Frank the Rabbit mixed in with a bit of Freddy Kruger and Jason. If awarded the grant, Akuma plans to use this short film as a proof of concept in order to pitch their feature film script of the same name.

Checkered Blanket — Director: Maja Aro, Writer: Joel H. Brewster

A star-crossed love between a newly engaged couple blooms as the world descents into a chaotic madness brought upon by an apocalyptic event. Survival pushes them forward, and hope shows us that even when all seems dire, there is always something to fight for.

A love story during a zombie apocalypse, a dark romantic film that makes you question "what life is all about." Directed by the multi-talented stunt person Maja Aro, who has done just about every job possible in film including: costume and wardrobe, producer, writer, miscellaneous crew, costume designer and actor. This will be unlike any zombie film you’ve seen before, jam-packed with: action, horror and the heart of a true love story.

Spiral — Director: Bren Munoz, Writers: Damiano Dell'Atti & Bren Muñoz

A young woman descends into a state of frantic paranoia when one night an ominous figure follows her home.

A modern tribute to classic horror and thriller, that will give off an almost Hitchcock vibe to the viewers. The story follows a young woman named Jennifer who is being stalked by mysterious figure. As the film continues we’re left guessing if what Jennifer is running from is real, or within her paranoid mind.

How To Vote

Voting for each of these films ends on September 23rd, 2016 and this may be your last chance to make these become a reality. To vote for these projects simply go to Akuma Films and follow the simple instructions. There is no signup, it’s free, and you would be contributing to creation of three incredibly diverse horror films.

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Which female-directed short would you most like to see?


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