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Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures are pulling all the stops to hype up 's next installment, Spider-Man: Homecoming. Aside from being Spidey's first solo film in the celebrated franchise, the movie also marks the debut of The Vulture, who has sought to take revenge on Stark and the Avengers. So, with Spider-Man: Homecoming's premiere right around the corner, Marvel have released yet another TV spot - this time focusing on the Vulture's motivations, and his vengeful plan.

While also featuring a hearty amount of Spider-Man, Iron Man and Happy Hogan, the international TV spot features what could be the all-important head-to-head between Spider-Man and The Vulture.

Warning: This post contains possible spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming

"We Are Gonna Take Everything They Got"

After Civil War took the Avengers out for a journey across the globe, Spider-Man: Homecoming shifts the focus back to New York and showcases the effects of their negligence in past installments.

Previous promos had established that Adrian Toomes (Michael Keaton) and his group of criminals are a part of Damage Control, the team in charge of cleaning the mess superheroes leave behind. The new footage goes even further, revealing the stark contrast between the Avengers and Toomes, as he plans to rob a large cargo plane carrying "advanced Avengers weaponry". Every trailer and sneak-peek has hinted at Toomes's desire to give Earth's mightiest heroes a taste of their own medicine.

"Those people up there, they don't care about us! We're gonna take everything they got"

As Toomes's squad has been scavenging the city to retrieve every bit of Chitauri tech they can get their hands on, it looks like he'll be using it to take down Happy Hogan and the rest of the crew atop the Avengers tower. Due to Toomes's vast technological knowledge, he can utilize every bit of alien hardware to upgrade his suit, just in case Spider-Man drops by to say hello.

While Toomes gives his profound speech about taking down the Avengers, Shocker (Bokeem Woodwine) provides some sage advice about Spider-Man and how he might foil their plan. What Toomes says next proves that this isn't going to be his first tango with the "little bastard in red tights".

"And if Spider-Man shows up?"

"I hope he does."

When Will This Take Place In The Movie?

Prior to these events, Peter (Tom Holland) narrowly escapes death while pursuing the winged villain and his henchmen, despite being warned by Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) to stick to his books. According to the novelization of the first act of the movie, Peter's rebellious attitude gets the better of him, causing him to lose his suit after putting everyone's life in danger on-board the Staton Island Ferry and the Washington Monument:

Peter locates Shultz and another one of Toomes' men, Mason (Michael Chernus), at an abandoned gas station, laying a trap for an approaching DDC truck transporting Chitauri weapons. The Vulture intercepts the truck and uses a phasing device to infiltrate it in order to steal the cargo. Spider-Man intervenes but the suit's gadgets get in his way and he ends up being overpowered and trapped in the truck, while the Vulture is forced to escape without the weapons.

Peter learns from Karen that Chitauri power cores are unstable and realizes that the one he found is still in Ned's backpack. Peter calls Liz, but she's disappointed that he missed nationals and is afraid that Peter's recent erractic behavior is due to drugs. Liz also reveals that the team is visiting the Washington Monument.

Peter manages to use a Chitauri power core to blow a hole through the truck and escape from the DCC headquarters. He then races to save his friends, but is too late and the power core explodes, leaving Liz, Ned, Flash and several others trapped in a damaged elevator high atop the Washington Monument. Michelle wasn't with them and urges Spider-Man to save her friends.

Peter manages to climb to the top while evading the police, conquering his fear of great heights, and holds on to the elevator in time for the occupants to get out. The web snaps just as Liz is leaving but Spider-Man manages to rescue her and they share a moment before Spider-Man swings away triumphantly.

Due to Peter's genuine eagerness to prove his worth to Stark, this act of robbery might be the event that will push him to don the DIY suit and take down the Vulture. Since it isn't clear who succeeds at the end of this sequence, it could either be a final clash or an event that takes us into the film's final act.

Apart from Loki, has had an ongoing problem regarding their antagonists. However, the franchise might finally have a villain that will prove to be just as interesting as the titular hero with Adrian Toomes. Spider-Man fans have waited for a long time ever since his cameo in Civil War, and these trailers are proof that Spider-Man: Homecoming is going to make it worth the wait.

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