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As if didn't have enough reasons to depress you: All humans have the walker virus in them. Toilet paper is as rare as diamonds once were. People, alive and dead, want to eat you. And that SMELL.

On top of all of that, there's something we rarely see on TWD, but we DO see them: Child walkers. Not that not seeing hordes of them is a bad thing. I mean, that horrifying, depressing Season 7 opener...

Hold on, gotta do something here.

WARNING: Spoilers follow for TWD Season 7 (just in case the big yellow sign up there wasn't enough)

Okay, back at it. That Season 7 opener just about murdered any feels we had left, making pudding out of Glenn and Abraham's brains. But would walker children on the show really be going too far after all we've seen? Who knows what the producers' reasons are for not showing more kiddie zombies, but here are all of the ones we've seen so far.

Summer (a.k.a. The Teddy Bear Girl)

  • First appearance: Season 1
  • Killed by: Rick Grimes

Summer was the first child walker we got to meet, and one of Rick's first walker kills. It was a hell of a way to kick off TWD, too...having put down a sweet, darling, flesh-eating little girl.

Sophia Peletier

  • First appearance: Season 1
  • Killed by: Rick Grimes

Sophia's death scene, well, her second death scene, made you wonder if Carol was going to meet her own demise like she did in the comics. Death by walker.

She just wanted to run to her little girl and give her a hug, and probably take one right in the neck.

Penny Blake

  • First appearance: Season 3
  • Killed by: Michonne

This episode was all sorts of messed up. The Governor hanging out with his zombified daughter, Michonne trying to strangle him with her sword instead of putting it through his chest, and the Andrea thinking it's perfectly normal to see all those walker heads. Which, I guess is normal for .

At least that scene led to this wonderful one:


We see what you did there, Walking Dead. And we like it.

Sam (Little Walker Boy)

  • First appearance: Season 6
  • Killed by: Walkers...well, the first time.

The little dude at about 20 seconds into that scene has done what no walker has done before. He almost singlehandedly killed an entire family without even taking a bite out of any of them.

And of course, thanks to him, there may now be Sam and Ron walkers roaming around the woods outside of Alexandria!

The Kid From 'Consumed'

Season 5 Episode 6 not only brought us Eugene's long overdue admission that he was full of shit, but also, this sad little scene:

  • First appearance: Season 5
  • Killed by: Daryl

Even a silhouette of a child walker is enough to bring out the softer side of Daryl; he takes care of the walker bodies so Carol won't have to.

Maggie & Glenn's Baby?

We'll end this morbid trip on an even more morbid note. If you're all caught up on TWD, you've seen just how bad off Maggie is.

Who knows what could be gnawing its way out of her?

And if that happens...well, we'd have to add it to this list:

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