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When Tara stumbled upon Oceanside — feel free to sing that to the tune of the Lighthouse Family's 'Ocean Drive' if you wish — she inadvertently uncovered an incredible resource.

Although Tara agreed to keep the women's colony a secret, Gimple told EW that there's ''unfinished business'' that could see her share her info with Rick:

"There’s definitely unfinished business there. And the information that Oceanside — and what it possesses — would be a very big deal to Rick."

For more on the secretive all-female community, showrunner Scott Gimple chats about Oceanside at 01:19.

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So what is it about Oceanside that makes it so valuable to Rick's gang? Well, the women at Oceanside have stockpiled food supplies — and, more importantly, ammo — which will be vital in the war against Negan. Secondly, the Oceansiders have a lot of intel about the Saviors after their own experiences under his crushing regime. Share any thoughts you guys have on Oceanside in the comments below!


Which other community is the most vital to Rick's uprising against Negan?

(Source: EW. All images AMC)

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