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***WARNING: Spoilers for both The Walking Dead comic books and the show follow, so if you aren't caught up on either, or don't want anything spoiled, don't read on!***

Fans of are still pretty shaken up after what happened only two episodes ago with the Season 7 premiere. Quite a few people have said "NO!" to the show altogether whereas most of us are a little hesitant to continue on. But we will endure, just like Rick and his group of survivor do themselves.

This week, we know we're in for this:

It won't bring us back to the immediate group, but 'The Cell' will give us our first look at The Savior's base of operations, The Sanctuary. It will also focus on Dwight and Daryl's relationship going forward. Some of your questions will be answered, but it won't be until the following week that we really dive into it with "Service," the extra-long fourth episode.

85 Minutes Of Pure Awesomeness

'Service' will air on November 13th and clock in at just under an hour and a half in length! We'll finally be rejoined with Rick and the gang. But don't get too excited now, because things are probably not going to get better for the group any time soon. The episode's description sheds a little light on what we can expect:

'The remaining members of the group try to keep it together in Alexandria; they receive a sobering visit.'

In the comics, while Negan introduced himself to Rick and the group by Lucille-ing Glenn, he sent some of The Saviors to Alexandria beforehand to damage it a little and, in the process, shake Rick's group up a bit. When the group got back, they could clearly see that Alexandria had been hit, but everyone was okay. This probably won't be the case for the show, as the episode description tells us otherwise.

What We Will Most Likely See

We last left Rick and the gang right after Negan did both Abraham and Glenn in. Everyone belongs to Negan now, and Rick and the group were loading up the bodies and heading to the Hilltop. Here's what we can probably expect from the episode:

  • While they are at the Hilltop, Jesus will probably go back to Alexandria with them and they'll leave Maggie in the hands of Dr. Carson (as she and the baby aren't doing well).
  • At Alexandria, Rick will tell everyone what happened and how they are to give half of their supplies to Negan and the Saviors. Rick, however, will have a plan to stop them, which he will share with a select few.
  • I expect everyone processing what happened and focusing on what they have to do from that point on will take about a week, then Negan will show up.
  • After being let in, Negan will introduce himself and let The Saviors check everything out. Some of the Alexandrians won't stand for this and will try to stop The Saviors from taking their supplies. Rick will intervene and get everyone under control. Negan will drop a penis reference (or lack thereof) to Rick, no doubt, and leave with the goods.
  • Carl will sneak his way into The Saviors and Jesus, without knowing about Carl's plan, will follow them and find out where their base is. End of episode.

This might not exactly be what/how it will all play out, but it is pretty close to what the comics tell. We'll know exactly what will happen in two weeks' time!

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