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The Walking Dead is setting up for the epic Season 7 finale, which will show the various communities come together to take on the ruthless Negan and his Saviors. The show is very gradually putting all of the pieces in place, and the payoff should be epic.

In Episode 13, "Bury Me Here," we saw the spotlight focus on Carol and the Kingdom, and some very interesting events occurred. Tonight's episode raised a lot of questions about the rest of the season and beyond. Let's take a look at some of the biggest ones we're now asking.

5. Why Did Morgan Kill Richard?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

At first, this seems like a dumb question, because it has a simple answer: Morgan blames Richard for Benjamin's death, which he obviously believes was a horrible idea, as it ended up killing a young innocent boy. However, this isn't as simple as it appears.

Richard told Morgan that his own death would win back the trust of the Saviors — and then, when the Kingdom got the chance, they could kill the Saviors. My theory is that Morgan realized this was a great plan, so he gave Richard exactly what he wanted and brutally killed him right in front of the Saviors, gaining their trust back. Now, Morgan is ready to kill some Saviors during their next meet-up.

4. Who Is Katy?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

In the episode, we saw a grave dug up that said "Bury Me Here," and Morgan found a backpack with the name Katy on it. If you weren't able to connect the dots, Richard dug this grave for himself — for his fellow Kingdom members to bury him after he sacrificed himself — even though it didn't go the way he planned to.

The backpack clearly belonged to Richard's daughter. During his talk with Morgan, Richard revealed his sad, emotional backstory where his whole family was together at their community; after the group fell, both his wife and then his daughter were killed.

Richard placed his daughter's backpack, one of the few objects he has to remember her by, next to his own grave. Depressing, huh?

3. How Unstable Is Morgan?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Clearly, this episode focused all around Morgan's character, and we see finally see him snap once again. All of the trauma he has gone through is weighing down on him, and he can no longer be a peaceful man; he's now a killer avenging the fallen.

The question here is: will Morgan be able to come back this time? Personally, I believe Morgan will enter the battle in a delirium, but it all depends on where the show wants to bring his character, which leads to the next and larger question.

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2. Is Morgan Set To Die This Season?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

On the TV series, Morgan has lasted way longer than his comic book counterpart. Therefore, we can't use the comics as a guide. Since he hasn't died, it's clear that Morgan still has some purpose left in the show. The tough part, however, is figuring out exactly what Morgan's purpose is, especially if he is going to keep going crazy.

I could easily see Morgan rush into the war and slay some Saviors, but in the end, he could sacrifice himself to save the rest of Rick's group. Morgan is clearly ill and has given up on his pacifism. He may still try to not kill anyone else, but he will eventually have to. However, even though he may die, his morals will live on, as his death could open Rick's eyes moving forward.

1. When Will The War Actually Begin?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

Even though everyone is questioning Morgan's fate right now, we are all truly itching over this question. Season 7 has been a long, dragged-out setup for the "All-Out War," where we will see Alexandria team up with some other communities to rebel against the Saviors' tyranny. At this point, it's safe to say most fans are finished with the irritating buildup and are ready to see the war begin.

In next week's episode, it appears that Sasha and Rosita will be starting the war by trying to assassinate Negan. On top of this, the Saviors will be arriving at the Hilltop, looking for Daryl and Maggie. Some blood will definitely be shed (most likely Gregory's and Sasha/Rosita's) and we will finally see this war get started!


Which question do you most want to be answered?

What did YOU guys think of tonight's episode? Which questions have you itching at night? Tell me below!


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