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Good lord, that was one Jesus-centric episode. Luckily, the biblical fun isn't set to end anytime soon. Sunday night's episode of ended with Carl and Jesus unwittingly tagging along with each other in a truck headed straight for The Sanctuary, which is one hell of a set up for what's to come.

Will things end well for Carl and Jesus? Are they going to work together to take down Negan? Will we see a new record made for the amount of times people can say the name "Jesus"? Let's take a look at the possibilities.

Jesus Finds Some New Disciples

Jesus and Carl got off to a bit of an awkward and hostile start back in Season 6, with Carl pointing a gun at his head and Jesus revealing that Rick and Michonne were hanging out in their birthday suits in the other room. But what better way to make amends for past grievances than a road trip and a bottle of whiskey? After all, there's no such thing as underage drinking laws in the zombie apocalypse.


The Walking Dead has a reputation for lengthy, pointless dialogue, and Jesus' experience with dishing out relationship advice on the road is probably going to keep this tradition going. We all know Carl's a bit inexperienced in the romance department, and he's going to need all the help he can get to make things work with Enid. After all, Rick's probably too busy learning morse code to give his own teenage son "the talk".

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Unfortunately, a hormonal teenager with an eye patch and a karate enthusiast with a beard aren't much of a match for Negan's army. Looks like Jesus will have to utilise his benevolent personality to gain some new followers- The Saviors. Yeah, it's a long shot, but I'm trying to pack as many bible references into this article as I can.

On a more serious note, showrunner Scott Gimple has hinted that while the two are paired up for now, their own separate objectives means they're probably not going to become much of a dynamic duo:

"There are different missions. One of them is an assassination mission and one is more recon, but now they've been thrown together with different missions, and how that plays out with each other we'll see."

Christ Heist


Jesus has a bad track record with trucks. Let's just say that if I owned a truck, I'd think twice before letting that guy near it— especially if it's loaded with supplies. It would be foolish for Jesus to incite the wrath of Negan by commandeering his personal whiskey wagon, but that guy just can't help himself.

Even if Jesus does manage to resist his kleptomania compulsions, he and Carl are eventually going to be found by The Saviors once they start unloading the "Negan truck". This could mean two things. The first possibility is that Jesus and Carl will be captured, and Jesus will get to show off his famous escape artist skills. They might even happen across Daryl and bust him out of prison, too.

And option two? The return of Kung Fu Christ.

Realistically, however, Jesus isn't about to do either of these things. While he is a pro at martial arts and untying knots, getting busted in the first place doesn't quite factor in to his plan. Let's not forget that Jesus' aim wasn't to confront The Saviors: it was to get information on The Sanctuary, then report back to the Hilltop. Avoiding detection is key. It might just be up to Carl to help him escape, acting as a distraction so Jesus can steal away.

Is Someone About To Get Crucified?


If Negan doesn't take kindly to people looking at him the wrong way, then he's definitely not going to like stowaways drinking his booze.

Worst case scenario? Jesus isn't quite as ninja as he'd like to think, and The Saviors catch him. The Sanctuary's zombie fence from 'The Cell' will turn out to be a veritable Chekov's Gun, with Jesus getting pinned to one of the posts just like his namesake.


Or maybe Negan will feel like finally exacting some justice on Carl and finally lopping off that hand. Let's just hope Rick's hatchet isn't as thirsty as Lucille.

If the show is indeed on track with the comics, neither Carl nor Jesus are going to meet their demise just yet. There's still a few developments in store for Jesus, and his character is integral to what may transpire between The Saviors and the Hilltop. For the sake of the story, he'll likely escape unscathed.

Carl, however, isn't going to get off so easy...

It's A Musical!

Image Comics
Image Comics

The reason for Carl's out-of-control, early Bieber-inspired hairdo is suddenly so obvious: he's about to launch his musical career.

The title of Epiosde 7 is 'Sing Me A Song', an obvious reference to Carl's run-in with Negan in the comics. After giving Carl a private tour of The Sanctuary, Negan chooses moral humiliation over physical mutilation and demands Carl sing a song for him and Lucille, because Negan is just full of cute date ideas. Looks like this is going to be yet another scene from the comics that'll be even more painful to watch on TV.

Will Carl get an inside look at The Sanctuary on next week's episode of The Walking Dead?

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