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This season of confirmed what many fans thought for a long while now: Judith is Shane's daughter, and Rick has known it all along. But what about Carl? Surely he's had his suspicions too?

Well according to Chandler Riggs, yes. On the latest episode of Talking Dead, Riggs confirmed that Carl isn't quite as naive as he seems:

"I kind of think he already knows. He assumes that Judith isn't Rick's. He knows that Shane and Lori were together while his dad was in a coma."

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

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Apart from thinking that the whole situation is pretty "awkward", Riggs said that Carl's priority is to protect his half-sibling, who he shares a close connection with:

"He has the same attitude his dad has towards it. For him, he has a lot more relation to her than he does to Rick. He does still feels that brotherly responsibility even though he's only her half brother."

Considering Rick often treats Carl as so much older than he actually is, it's surprising that he didn't think to give his son the same talk he gave to his new girlfriend:

How Did He Know?

Carl was far too innocent to realise what was going on between Shane and Lori in RV village. But now, being slightly older and aware of all the gross stuff that grown-ups get up to, he's starting to reflect on his unique childhood and do the math. Here are three major signs that tipped Carl off to the fact that Judith was a Walsh, not a Grimes:

1. Lori and Shane's Secluded Strolls

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

If two people take frequent long walks together into zombie-infested woods and never return with any food or firewood, you can assume they weren't out on a scavenging mission. This was a classic case of two horny idiots who have no idea how bad of a job they're doing of keeping their sexcapades on the down-low.

Not to mention their habit of making out at camp when they thought no one was watching. Pro tip: if you're trying to hide the fact that you're banging your best friend's widow from their young child, maybe don't start getting hot and heavy in the middle of your shanty town of tents. Also, tents aren't exactly the most soundproof structures. Anyone who's ever been to a music festival can attest to that. Sorry Carl, child therapists aren't exactly a popular trade in the zombie apocalypse.

2. Stepdad Shane

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

As a "child of divorce", I'm all-too-familiar with the telltale signs of your mum's new boyfriend attempting to pull the stepdad card. And let me tell you, Shane was trying way too hard. Fun-filled fishing trips and long days at the shooting range are all stock-standard, father-son bonding activities in the deep south, and Shane was super desperate to make a paternal impression on young Carl. We get it, dude. You want to be replacement papa.

3. Shane's Look Of Anguish

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Pretty sure that if my dad's best friend found out he was alive and well after being presumed dead for weeks on end, this isn't the look he'd give him when he strolled back into town. Shane literally couldn't even pretend to be happy to see Rick. You know what that look is? That's the look of someone who knows their supply of sexy forbidden sex has officially run dry.


Do you think Shane knew Lori was pregnant with his kid?

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