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With AMC still taking a huge bite out of the ratings pie with The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, it seems that there is no stopping the gnashing teeth of Robert Kirkman's zombie apocalypse. However, hoping to swing a katana at the rest of their competition, the two shows are set to combine in possibly the most epic crossover to ever grace television.

The crossover news sees Kirkman backtracking on earlier promises and that and would never come together, and fans nearly started their own zombie riots of hype over the news. Quite who will be swapping shows and when remains to be seen, but Dead Heads everywhere have been coming up with their own ideas ever since. While most are just a shot in the dark, its seems that one particular theory has struck a cord with the powers that be.

Simple Red

Perhaps the most popular hypothesis is that 's Sgt. Abraham Ford could pop up on Fear as the show heads to Texas in Season 4. With a name-drop of Houston in the Season 3 finale, everything neatly aligns for a pre-Lucille Abraham to comb his facial hair once more on the prequel show.

So, speaking to about Big Red dragging his impressive moustache from the TV graveyard, director and FX guru said it is something he could definitely get on board with:

"I love the Abraham theory. I think it's super smart."

With Abraham becoming a fan-favorite during his tenure on the main show, audiences were left sobbing when he was the first victim of Negan's baseball bat in Season 7. Although Abe survived slightly longer than his comic book counterpart, it didn't make seeing his brains splashed across our screens any easier to handle. One way to appease those ravenous TWD fans would be to have Abraham as the crossover character — God knows he would be a popular choice.

As for combining the two worlds, it seems like Kirkman and co. have be trolling us this entire time. However, with Fear Season 4 still only in the pipeline, Nicotero doesn't know exactly how the crossover will take place:

"It's been in the works for a little while. To be really honest, I'm so deep into The Walking Dead, I haven't read any of the outlines for Fear yet. That'll probably have to wait until I'm out from underneath all this stuff."

Of course, there other options and it doesn't even have to be someone hopping over to Fear, but with TWD so far ahead of its sister show, it would make more sense to head back and learn about a more established character. If it isn't Cudlitz coming back, could the news be the perfect time for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to get that Negan origin story he has been angling for? Whatever happens, prepare for the mother of all crossovers and for AMC to prove why its two shows are nothing like the rotting corpses that populate them.

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