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Abi Toll

We were shocked to our core with The Walking Dead's decision to kill off ’s character Merle Dixon in This Sorrow Life episode.

With such an unexpected turn of events, it's no wonder that have reported that The Walking Dead's executive producer and director decided on his death in Season 3 at short notice:

The trick with Michael [Rooker] was that him dying was sort of a last minute thing. Like, it wasn’t planned out at the beginning of the season. As we were going, it was like, ‘God, we love this character, and he’s so great.’ And, then I was directing that episode, and they called and were like, ‘Ok, so Merle’s going to die.’ And I went, ‘Oh, my god, are you kidding me? Really? I killed Dale. Now, I have to kill Merle.

Nicotero elaborated:

And I was just like, ‘Oh, Rooker is just going to just beat the crap out of me one day.’ I was like, ‘Hey, my door bell will ring, and it will be like in Repo Man, he’ll beat the s*** out of me. also note his comments on the scene where Daryl discovers his brother Merle is a walker:

It was an easy scene for me to direct because Norman’s performance was so spot on that I got emails from people, ‘You made cry, man. That was bulls***.’ I just forwarded them on to Norman. It wasn’t me. It was him.

Do you think it was a good decision to kill of Merle at this stage?



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