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Warning: Mild The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers ahead. And a little bit of strangeness.

Welcome to the United States of America, the land of cheeseburgers, puppies, and .

And massive amounts of hilarious and/or shocking TWD theories.

From the so-funny-it-turned-out-to-be-true file, comes the “Orange Crush” theory. And filed way, way in the back with the sorry-still-don't-like-the-dentist file, the theory that the walker virus is the result of poor dental hygiene.

Get ready to file one more theory in that Walking Dead File Cabinet of yours.

Redditors, as usual, started the rumor that one walker on the most recent episode of "The Cell," was none other than...

Donald Trump!

Or, a not so reasonable facsimile of .

We get to see Zombie Trump in the scene where Dwight is tracking down the wayward Sanctuite...Saviorite? Dwight's trying to find a dude that took some of Negan's stuff and ran. He's under the overpass that walkers keep falling off of, creating a lasagna of goo on the road beneath it.

Check the walker out for yourselves!

Mean Trump walker:

Surprised Trump walker:

The messy orange hair, kinda does look a little like Trump!

While this might be a stretch, I have no doubts that Greg Nicotero will issue a statement in the next couple of days, letting us know whether or not it's really a tribute to Trump, and whether or not it means that is in fact the President of the United States during the walkerpocalypse. Nicotero has thrown some gnarly walker tributes at us before, including this guy from Episode 2, “The Well,” of this season of The Walking Dead:

From 'Night of the Comet'
From 'Night of the Comet'

The theory, unfortunately, doesn't hold too much water, for two reasons shown in this screenshot:

First, look at the size of those hands! Trump has tiny little baby hands. And two, there's no evidence whatsoever of a red power tie anywhere in the picture.

What do you think? Is Hillary Clinton a walker, too, or is she running the United States, population 3,281, from an underground bunker?

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