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At literally the exact same time that aired on the CW and aired on CBS this past Thursday, both shows featured a guest star that threw their fans for a pretty big loop. Because it wasn't just any guest star on each show, but the same guest star! Over on the CW, Dean Winchester had just returned from slaying a siren with a slightly awesome (and recognizable) weapon of choice:

That's right! Negan's bat, otherwise known as Lucille on and to its legions of fans, was Dean's makeshift weapon in this week's episode. Thanks to his dad, John Winchester, being played by , who also plays Negan in TWD, fans of both shows got a little taste of the crossover they've been chomping at the bit for, for a while now.

Then—BAZINGA! She appeared again in The Big Bang Theory!

We get the connection between Supernatural and The Walking Dead, but what's up with Stewart wielding Lucille? I guess if I were robbing a house full of nerdy fellows, I'd be pretty confident that it would be successful—right up until one of them came at me with the same deadly weapon that bashed Abraham's skull in, and then Glenn's.

Does this mean we'll be getting crossovers between not only The Walking Dead and Supernatural, but also between TWD and The Big Bang Theory?

Let's pray to Chuck that the first one happens, but maybe leave the latter at a hilarious shout-out to a much more serious TV show. Unless TBBT starts murdering its cast in cold blood.

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Hurray for crossovers! Even if it just involves an inanimate object. What other shows do you think Lucille will pop up in? Let me know in the comments!


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