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You know what my favourite song is right now? That 'Easy Street' song from the most recent episode of . I just can't get enough of it. I listen to it all the time. When I'm grocery shopping, during my commute to work, while I'm falling asleep, as soon as I wake up. The best part about that song is that I don't even need any device to listen to it, because it's constantly playing in my head.

The show's music supervisor, Gabe Hilfer, said he loved that showrunner Scott Gimple wanted to play the "the juxtaposition of a very happy, feel good, child-like song over and over in a torture-like manor":

"It can get tricky finding a song which fits the desired aesthetic, while making sure the songwriter and performer are okay with the content of the scene. After searching long and hard, we came across 'Easy Street' and it fit the bill perfectly. Once [showrunner] Scott [Gimple] heard it, he agreed and the rest is history!"

It's safe to say that that song has become forever synonymous with naked Daryl and dog food sandwiches. But do you remember the music that accompanied these iconic Walking Dead moments?

Ben Howard- 'Oats In The Water'


This haunting acoustic track accompanies an exhausted and overwhelmed Hershel, who has been attempting to save as many sick people as possible in the prison. He seeks wisdom from his beloved bible, unsure of what to do next and lacking the energy to go forward. This was a defining moment for Hershel's character, and really redeemed him for the whole Sophia-in-the-barn thing.

Black Strobe- 'I'm A Man'


Remember when Glenn was alive, and happy, and driving fast cars? Probably the highlight of Glenn's life both before and after his career as a delivery boy, this guy is absolutely stoked to have escaped from the walkers and be tearing down the highway in his new Dodge Charger.

Wye Oak- 'Civillian'


On a long car ride back to the farm, Shane reflects on his scuffle with Rick, the possibility of being the father of Lori's illegitimate baby, and how much of a complete bastard he's becoming. Seriously, did anyone like that guy?

More on The Walking Dead:

Mourning Ritual- 'Bad Moon Rising'


Hershel has been beheaded. The prison is lost. The future is uncertain for Rick's group. This sombre cover perfectly portrayed the sense of impending doom hanging over the survivors.

The Jam- 'A Town Called Malice'

Man, this episode was just full of feel-good tunes! Oh wait, it's the soundtrack to people's misery and torture. But hey, at least someone got to eat a decent sandwich.


What do you think of Sunday night's signature track?

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