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If there was one particularly memorable part of The Walking Dead mid-season premiere, it had to be that amazing zombie-kill scene on the highway. It was one of those jump-up-and-whoop moments, but it was also a moment that probably cost quite a lot of coin to produce.

As expensive as it no doubt was, it looks like the series might have managed to cut costs in other areas of the episode in order to bring that wonderful scene to life, seemingly filming interior scenes of the Hilltop using paper backgrounds! As one Redditor joked, it's like they took callbacks to the comic series a little too literally.

Following the screening of the mid-season premiere, Redditor Abberline1888 was quick to post a photo to the Walking Dead subreddit, titled "When you blow the entire budget on zombies and have to use a sheet of paper for the inside of the house." And, well the evidence speaks for itself:

That staircase is definitely fake  [credit: AMC]
That staircase is definitely fake [credit: AMC]

Take another look at the fake background in gif form:

The fake background exposed! [credit: AMC]
The fake background exposed! [credit: AMC]

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But, as laughable as the background is, it turns out there's probably a good reason for the faux background. Redditor MMaxs points out that while exterior shots might be done on location, most TV series film their indoor sets at studios because they have better control over the environment with things such as lighting and camera set ups. In the case of , the Hilltop interior shots are likely filmed at Raleigh Studios in Senoia, Georgia while the exterior shots are filmed just a few minutes away at the purpose built set which is on private property.

Despite it being quite an obvious fake background, Carl Grimes a.k.a Chandler Riggs soon chimed into the conversation to jokingly confirm the paper staircase, telling the subreddit "glad i wasn't the only one that noticed."

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 10, "New Best Friends" on February 19.


Did you notice the fake background at the Hilltop?


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