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Joseph "Fat Joey" the Savior had a short-lived but memorable role on this season of . He was one of Negan's go-to guys, and one of Daryl's least-favorite— especially after he left Daryl's cell door open, only to beat him up just moments later.

But Joey finally got his comeuppance in the mid-season finale, meeting his bloody demise at the hands of Daryl's new best friend: a metal pole.

But as much as you may have cheered as Daryl let loose on a terrified Joseph, there's a small part of you that may have sensed something wasn't quite right. Was Joey really all that bad, or was there a good person hiding under that scraggly beard? New information would suggest he's not the villainous sidekick we first thought.

He Ain't All Bad

In an interview with Comic Book, Joshua Hoover revealed more about his character's past than Season 7 ever did. Before he was tasked with the very important job of bringing Lucille indoors because she got too sun-bleached, Joey was a border patrol officer who let his compassion get the better of him:

"I was about to shoot a kid that was sneaking over the border, and my army pal or whoever I was with was like, 'Hey man, take him out.' I was like, 'Come on man, that's a kid.' That's basically where fat joey came from I guess, I think that they built the character with some heart."

Interestingly, the show writers felt this information was important enough to tell Hoover before his audition to influence his portrayal of the character, but not significant enough to show the viewers.

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It certainly gives more weight to Joey's final desperate pleading to Daryl that he's just trying to "get by". He was a good guy once, and Hoover insists that he only ended up having to follow Negan's orders for his own safety:

"I think he did whatever he needed to do to live comfortably, and I think Negan was the best option of that."

Hey, you've got to survive somehow.

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

His Death Will Have Big Consequences

Let's not beat around the bush here: he may have played a small role in making Daryl's life hell, but Joey really wasn't much more than a minor character. Or was he?

The Saviors aren't just one huge brute force. They're a carefully planned, tactical operation who have managed to shape the world around them to suit their needs. And as much as Negan's claims of keeping people safe seems laughable, there's actually a bit of truth to it.

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

While you were busy bracing yourself for another round of Easy Street, Joey was pulling some important strings in the background. According to Hoover, Joey was "smart", and "trusted with more of the tech type stuff". What kind of "tech type stuff?" The kind that was going to save everyone's asses.

Joey is mentioned a few times by other Saviors, who talk about his role in redirecting a nearby herd of walkers using explosives. Joey was in the midst of remedying a mishap with the operation when he was killed by Daryl.

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Terminus, the Prison and Woodbury were all lost after being invaded by walkers. Could a herd overrun the Sanctuary? And more importantly, are the Saviors as capable of fending off a mass of walkers as the residents of Alexandria were?


Will Joey's death lead to a herd overtaking the Sanctuary?

(Source: Comic Book)


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