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The Walking Dead episode 'Too Far Gone', saw the 'story arc' rounded up and what with the lengthy midseason break, we have some questions that need answering. Thanks to Zap2it, we can provide some of those answers.

According to executive producer , the second half of Season 4 will be quite the departure from the first part. In a recent interview with Zap2it, Hurd provided a breakdown of key events explaining the creators' motivations; including the ramifications of Hershel's death.

Hurd on:

Abraham, Rosita and Eugene:

Our characters have split up. The Prison really has been completely overrun and destroyed this time. They're bound to encounter new people, and certainly some of the people they'll encounter include Abraham, Eugene and Rosita.

The Governor and Judith:

That was a head shot! Lilly shot him. Hurd says, confirming the Governor's demise. As for baby Judith, she hedges. First of all, I don't think you'd ever want to see a baby being killed. That's probably a line we won't cross.

Hershel's death:

There's no one who didn't like Hershel. There wasn't going to be someone we could kill off who would have the same level of impact, and there was no way that you could have a confrontation with the Governor and the group at the Prison without someone dying.

Season 4:

Our characters are very much on the run, not as a group but split up, and they're all in jeopardy because -- as we've learned -- being on the road alone is a difficult and dangerous place to be. It will also give us an opportunity to get to know who they are and whether they have the will to survive. How much have they changed after this devastation and can they retain their humanity?

Will Season 4 stay close to the comics:

We never follow completely. There's no way to, because we have characters that aren't in the comic books. There's simply no way, even if we wanted to, follow the comic books entirely.

The group split:

In the past, people have been left behind. Like in Season 2, Andrea was left behind at the farm, left for dead, and she ended up encountering Michonne and then Woodbury. We have done somewhat similar things, but never have we had the core group so split up.

A return to familiar locations:

We can't talk about that.

What in the world is going to unfold? Surely The Governor won't be resurrected and I'm pretty thankful that we won't have to watch a baby being put to death. I concur with Hurd: one step too far indeed. So, any predictions?

Thankyou Zap2it for providing us with the interview and if you would like to delve deeper into The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse then simply click here.



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