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Well, here we are fans. After seven grueling months of speculating and predicting, we got our answers on who was on the other end of Lucille. In one of the most brutal hours of modern TV history, we learn that not one but two characters fell victim to (Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 7 follow!

Even if you predicted the deaths of Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Glenn (Steven Yeun), nothing could prepare you to see the brutality play out during that gut-wrenching scene. Like myself, you may have woken up with -type hangover, feeling drained and wishing you could erase some of the events you witnessed the night before.

But instead of focusing on Negan and feeling angry about how everything played out, it is important to look back at why Glenn and Abraham became fan favorites.

Glenn Rhee

1. The Dodge Challenger

We first hear his voice in the premiere episode of the series while Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) is stuck in the tank: "Hey you dumbass — yeah, you in the tank," but it is not until the second episode that we meet Glenn. A pizza delivery boy who knows his way around the streets of Atlanta, he ultimately gets Rick to safety and brings him to his fellow group members without question.

Although this episode featured the scene with Rick and Glenn covered in walker guts to disguise themselves, the best part had to be Glenn using the red Dodge Challenger to lure the walkers away. Glenn's excitement speeding around the streets and highway showed his innocence and fun-loving spirit that he continues to carry on as time goes on.

2. The Well-Walker

Undeniably one of the most memorable walkers would be the walker stuck in well on the property of Hershel's farm. Being the most agile of the group but also probably wanting to impress new love interest Maggie, Glenn gets the job of going into the well to try and get the walker out without contaminating the well water. Being used as live bait and only tied by a rope, Glenn tries to loop a harness around the disgusting bloated walker, but things go awry and he almost falls in. The group manages to get Glenn out and start considering a plan B until Glenn catches his breath.

During the struggle to get out of the well, he succeeded to the surprise of the rest of the group. But we all know what happened with that walker.

3. The Governor's Captives

Back in Season 3, viewers had a chance to see how Glenn reacts to human threats. At the time Merle (Michael Rooker) takes him and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) back to Woodbury for interrogation. One could argue that Maggie's questioning by the Governor (David Morrissey) was more extreme, but Glenn's revealed his true character. Even with Merle using violence and threats for answers, Glenn refused to crack because he always puts the rest of his group first. His selfless nature becomes a standout trait and lovable quality.

It was also pretty badass that he took down a walker while he was tied to a chair and then proceeded to use one of the bones as a makeshift weapon for his attempted escape with Maggie.

4. Star-Crossed Lovers

From the very beginning with Glenn's fumbling and nervousness around Maggie, which blossomed into a true relationship, their love story always remained a bright spot in an otherwise dark show. One of Glenn's most memorable moments will always be his talk with Hershel (Scott Wilson) in the hopes of getting permission to marry the love of his life. Without access to buying a ring, he takes one off of a walker in the prison yard in one of the most grim yet beautiful scenes to date.

Right up until Glenn's unfortunate ending, we see that he is only concerned about fulfilling the promise to his wife. Nearly dead, he still manages to make out the words, "Maggie, I'll find you," as if the scene wasn't heartbreaking enough.

5. The Dumpster Tease

Even though I hate to see Glenn go, his death doesn't come as a complete shock. Maybe it is because of the comics but more so it is because I feel like I already mourned his death last season with the infamous dumpster scene. The show creators led viewers to believe that he met his demise in one of the show's biggest cliffhangers (until Negan arrived, that is).

After falling into a herd of walkers and watching Nicholas getting eaten on top of him, we find out that Glenn crawled under the dumpster and eventually fought his way out. Of course like many times before it, his only thought was to make it back to his group, more importantly, to pregnant Maggie.

Sgt. Abraham Ford

1. When Comics Come To Life

It is hard to believe that Abraham has only been on the show for about two and a half seasons considering his role is so integral. Just by looking at him, you know he is one of the strongest characters on the show, his military training is also super beneficial. One of the best moments in the entire series comes with his long-awaited arrival along with Eugene (Josh McDermitt) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) aka the rest of Abraham's Army. The scene is taken directly from the cover of the comic book.

2. Mission To D.C.

As if still in the military, Abraham's main mission is to get Eugene to Washington no matter what it takes. Hell-bent on fighting their way there, Abraham and Rosita serve as a protector to Eugene, who believes he has a cure to take back the world from the undead.

We later find out that Eugene is lying and that there is no cure — but in a pivotal flashback scene, we get a better idea of Abraham's background. After finding his family dead, he is prepared to kill himself until Eugene runs into him. After his Washington story, Abraham decides to help him and ultimately gives him a new reason to live. Helping the greater good has always been a top priority.

3. Never Backing Down

After settling in the Alexandria, new roles are given out so that Rick and company can pay their dues to the new community. Abraham helps at a construction site in assisting with Alexandria's defense walls along the perimeter. When a herd of walkers come through, a woman who is lookout gets trapped and the crew abandon her, that is except for Abraham. He rushes to her aide and and takes out the walkers by himself until the crew comes to their senses and help him.

Abraham's brave act turns heads within the community and proves to everyone that he truly is a leader.

4. Feeling Reckless

After getting separated from Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) take refuge in an office to figure out their next steps. Sasha tells Abraham that he is reckless — and what follows happens to be one of Abraham's top moments.

He finds an abandoned Humvee with RPGs and a box of cigars, but the RPG launcher is slung on a walker who happens to be impaled by a metal fence and hanging over a ledge. Abraham risks his life trying to get that launcher as the walker is ripping at his shirt. Figuring out no way to get the walker without being bitten, he takes a rest on the Humvee and smokes a cigar. As he sits there, the walker falls, but the strap of the RPG launcher remains hanging there as if it was a gift from God. He realizes that Sasha was right about being reckless and it becomes a moment of clarity for him.

In one of the most fitting Abraham Ford moments, he puts on a clean uniform as if he is a new man, then proceeds to tell Sasha he is interested in her.

5. Brave Until The Very End

There is absolutely no question that Abraham had the best dialogue on the show. His one-liners were perfectly timed, bizarre and hilarious. He had no problem putting people in their place and standing tall in the face of danger.

A perfect example of that would be Abraham's demeanor kneeling in Negan's lineup. Many of the others were cowering and looked terrified while Negan was picking a victim but Abraham held his head high and was ready for what was coming. When he becomes "the one", he throws up the peace sign to Sasha as a final goodbye, almost as if he is saying that it will all be okay. Even after the first blow to the head, we were gifted with one final memorable quote as he tells Negan, "Suck my nuts." RIP Sgt. Abraham Ford.

With a show centering around a zombie apocalypse, one could assume an ample amount of death and violence. But that does not make it easier when it happens to characters we feel as though we got to know over the years. As fans, we invest our time with these people and we visit conventions and events to meet the actors so seeing them leave a show is always tough.

A major shout-out goes to and in their portrayal of their characters and their excellent work in bringing these comic book characters to life. We may not see them in the show anymore but their characters will continue to live on from the impact they have made. These event have flipped the storyline in ways that will be hard to imagine the remainder of the season. Buckle up Walking Dead fans, we have a bumpy road ahead!

What are your favorite Glenn and Abraham moments? Comment below!

The Walking Dead Season 7 continues Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on AMC!


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