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The off-screen antics of some of cast members are pretty hilarious. Except, perhaps, when they're coming from the guy who plays the show's most sadistic villain.

Being a big fan of the comics, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was incredibly keen to take on the role as Negan, and loves the "challenge of bringing him to life". Now it would appear that his enthusiasm to play such a notorious character could be cause for concern— at least for Andrew Lincoln.


Lincoln likes to really get in to the mindset of Rick Grimes before the cameras start rolling, and Morgan has decided to take advantage of this.

“I know I’m doing my job the more mad Andy Lincoln gets. So if off-camera he’s screaming and swearing in between takes, I know me and Negan are doing our job and I’ve gotten him pretty riled up."

That would certainly explain why Rick looked so "riled up" when he was eyeing Negan's skull with Lucille in hand.


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While Morgan assures fans that he never leaves the set without apologising to ensure the cast can "get back to being friends after takes", Lincoln seems to harbouring more resentment than he lets on.

Whilst rehearsing a particularly jovial scene for Negan, Morgan literally pulled a muscle in his ribs from yelling too much— and not one person came to his aid. Lincoln in particular was thrilled to see Big Bad wincing in pain.

"He doubled down in pain. I was like, ‘Yeah, take that motherf—er!’ And it wasn’t even during a take. It was a rehearsal!"

But not everyone seems to have the same view of Morgan. Norman Reedus has posted several photos of himself and Morgan acting quite buddy-buddy, suggesting that he doesn't take things quite so personally. Meanwhile, there's still a distinct lack of selfies involving Morgan and Lincoln.

Who will Negan terrorise next week on The Walking Dead?

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