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The seventh season of The Walking Dead was controversial for many reasons; from the violent season premiere that saw the death of two main characters, to the slow storytelling format, and the dodgy CGI, the hit AMC drama was certainly the talk of social media. The arrival of the villainous Negan sent viewers through the roof as Rick and the gang tried to overthrow their vicious new leader. The Season 7 finale saw the beginning of an all out war which left viewers dying to know what comes next.

However, it appears that the hit series may not be returning as soon as we thought. usually returns to screens in mid-October but there is new evidence to suggest that we might be waiting a little longer for Season 8.

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Companion series , which recently concluded the first half of its third season, is set to return to screens on September 10 with a two-hour season premiere. As we've seen in previous years, Fear usually airs on Sundays in the weeks leading up to the return of The Walking Dead and, considering the series still has eight episodes left to air, this means that won't return to screens until October 29. With the exception of Season 1 (which premiered on October 31 to coincide with Halloween) and Season 7 (which was delayed 'til October 23 so that AMC could air the "Journey So Far" special), this is much later than The Walking Dead's usual premiere date.

However, it's possible that AMC will opt for a two-hour finale for Fear The Walking Dead. The first part of Season 3 had both a two-hour premiere and mid-season finale and, with the second half due to have a two-hour premiere, it's possible that the Kim Dickens-led series will continue this pattern. If this proves to be the case then The Walking Dead could possibly return on October 22 which is a little closer to its usual return date.

Fall Will Be Full Of 'The Walking Dead'

While we're disheartened that we'll have to wait longer for The Walking Dead, we're delighted that we have Fear The Walking Dead to entertain us until then. Fear has received praise from critics and fans alike for its third season. The companion series first aired in 2015 and, although the first two seasons received a lukewarm response from fans, a change in direction (and the return of a fan favorite character) has led to much stronger storylines in Season 3. Some have even argued that the Fear has become better than The Walking Dead itself.

The mid-season finale set up several different storylines for the writers to explore when the post-apocalyptic prequel drama returns in September. Regardless of which post apocalyptic show you prefer, it looks like we're in for a fall season full of The Walking Dead.

Are you upset that we'll have to wait for The Walking Dead Season 8 or are you glad that Fear The Walking Dead will be airing first? Tell us in the comment section below.

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