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While you were busy staring at the confronting sight that is Negan's beardless face during mid-season finale, you might have missed a very unusual bulge in the pocket of his jeans. No, not that kind of bulge. Get your damn mind out of the gutter.

According to Redditor and Walking Dead extra theory99, who posted the image to Reddit, actors were asked not to bring their phones on set due to the obvious shape they made in their pockets. Not to mention the likelihood of an extra leaking some behind-the-scenes photos.

But Jeffrey Dean Morgan was apparently "just pulling his [phone] out of his pocket all day, no big deal", which resulted in the following shot being included in the final cut:

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

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Quick, Backpedal!

The big question now is, how are the show writers going to explain this one? Obviously characters in The Walking Dead don't need to carry their giant smart phones around anymore. Will they brush it off as an overlooked mistake during production, or will they do a big reveal for Negan's pocket lump in Season 7B? There were some classic comments on theory99's thread, such as this one from Day5225:

What else could the mystery bulge possibly be?

1. Super Secret Scrawlings

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

In the zombie apocalypse, books are the new computers. It's just like the olden days, except now they're used to write down lists of murder victims and supply cache locations written in really bad Latin. Then again my knowledge of what the world was like before computers is pretty limited, so maybe that's what books were actually filled with. I hear the sixties were an intense time.

A guy like Negan has a lot of use for a pocket-sized notebook. He could keep a tally of points for his Saviors; Have a go-to list of his cheesy idioms that are just slightly less nonsensical than anything Abraham could come up with; Or write romantic poems to read to his beloved Lucille.

Maybe the lump isn't a notebook at all, but a dictaphone for recording his thoughts when he doesn't have a pen handy. Whatever wisdom Negan has to impart on the world, I'm sure it contains a lot of bad words.

2. Guilty Pleasures

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Being fond of a good drop of Scotch, it wouldn't be surprising if Negan carried a slim but well-stocked flask of the good stuff in his pocket at all times. What better way to kick back after a long day of crushing skulls than with a cheeky nip?

It's not that often that you see survivors smoking, but you can probably attribute that to the scarcity of cigarettes. But if anyone can scavenge smokes, it's Negan. He might just have his own tin tucked away in his pocket.

Or perhaps his vice is a little more hardcore. Remember Daryl's bag of meth? Now we know why Negan wanted to keep him locked up at the Sanctuary so bad. All hillbillies know how to cook meth, right?

3. Pocket-Sized Entertainment

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

There was a suggestion in theory99's Reddit thread that Negan was carrying a cassette tape of Easy Street. Does that mean he also carries a boom box in his truck?

Then again, how does Negan kill time while on the road? Perhaps he likes to pass the long drives to Alexandria by listening to his iPod, or getting some tactical inspiration from a handheld gaming device. Or maybe he's more of a bookworm, and it's his Kindle. Something tells me he's a big Bret Easton Ellis fan.

Don't discredit the phone idea just yet, either. Negan (not just Jeffrey Dean Morgan) could have many uses for a phone, even without a signal. A good phone at least has a camera, paperless calendar and list apps, and even music and games. And the battery lasts for quite a while on flight mode. Sadly, Negan's Tinder days are definitely long over. Curse you, fall of modern society!

4. Toiletries

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Do you think a guy like Negan parades around all day in the sweltering Southern heat looking that good with no effort whatsoever? Hell no! He has to work for it, and that includes being prepared. He knew the lighting in the Sanctuary's bathrooms just wouldn't cut it for the kind of blissful shaving experience he was after, so he pocketed his straight razor and headed on down to Alexandria.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's got a bit of makeup in his pocket either. Just a basic highlighter kit, or a loose powder for when he gets a bit flustered and shiny. While everyone else is scraping the gun stores clean, Negan is getting himself the makeup haul of the century with those Sephora raids.

And then there's this suggestion from Redditor VeeAr:

Hey, they're not wrong. Always be prepared!

5. Secret Spaghetti Seasoning

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

Just look at Negan's face. That is the expression of a man who's serious about his spaghetti. Have you ever offered to cook for someone in the comfort of their own home, only to discover that their seasoning selection is limited to garlic salt and three half-empty shakers of nutmeg? It is THE WORST. Sadly, in a post-apocalyptic world, this is an all too common occurrence.

But Negan's prepared. He knows that if he's going to don that apron, he's going to do it properly. Did you see the amount of bread rolls he baked? This guy is not messing around.

6. "Crazy Phone"

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

The best suggestion yet has to come from Redditor watch_over_me, who believes Negan may be carrying his own, portable version of the Rick Grimes Crazy Phone.

Negan and Rick have more in common than they might think; The most obvious example being that they're both widowers. If Rick can talk to his dead wife on the phone, why can't Negan? Hell, that dude spends most of his time making sexual innuendos to an inanimate object. I wonder how his former wife will react to the news that he's named his favorite murder weapon after her? I'm sure she'll be flattered.

Do you think The Walking Dead will address Negan's mysterious pocket bulge when Season 7 returns?


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