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Back in Season 7, one particularly nail-biting episode of ended with super-villain kicking back on Rick's porch and playing babysitter to his kids, which was almost as uncomfortable to watch as the start of Episode 1. Since most of us were preoccupied with thinking of Rick's potential reaction when he comes home to find Negan playing the role of cool uncle, there was one minor detail that fans may have overlooked: The tattoo on Negan's arm.

The Walking Dead [AMC]
The Walking Dead [AMC]

It looks to be a name starting with 'B', but who could it be? A former lover? A family member? Someone who passed away? This could be an important detail about a part of Negan's life we've not yet seen.

Negan's tattoos are certainly a logical addition to his bad-boy image, but luckily for The Walking Dead's makeup department, these ones don't have to be recreated each week. All of Negan's tattoos are Jeffrey Dean Morgan's own, and there's a remarkably touching story behind the one on his arm.

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What Does It Say?

The tattoo says 'Bisou'. Wait, Bisou? Who the hell is Bisou? She's Jeffrey Dean Morgan's dog, of course!

The Story Of Bisou

Bisou was no ordinary dog. In an interview on The Bonnie Hunt Show, Jeffrey Dean Morgan brought Bisou on set and told her epic origin story.

12 years ago, Morgan came across a group of kids selling newborn puppies from a cardboard box on the Venice Beach Boardwalk for $300 each. Since he only had $20 on him, he offered them the last of his cash for "the one that's not gonna make it through the day".

The Bonnie Hunt Show [Syndicate]
The Bonnie Hunt Show [Syndicate]

He took her to a vet, who seemed doubtful of the puppy's chances; she was so small that she fit in the palm of Morgan's hand. Nevertheless, he took it upon himself to nurse the tiny pup back to health:

"So I bottle fed her for a month, and she used to kiss her way around, which is how she got her name Bisou — it means 'kiss' in French."

Miraculously, Bisou pulled through and grew up to become Morgan's faithful sidekick. A very special dog indeed, Morgan described her as "something else".

Much like Norman Reedus, Morgan loves his motorcycle. Bisou would often accompany him on rides, sitting on the gas tank with her head rested on his arm, fast asleep. Check out this video of Reedus and Morgan enjoying a bike ride through the countryside, without his canine companion:

Where Is Bisou Now?

Sadly, Bisou passed away last year. She had four tumors removed during surgery, and passed away a few months later. She was 12 years old. Morgan now lives with his wife and his other rescue dog, Bandit.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan [Twitter]
Jeffrey Dean Morgan [Twitter]

Bisou may be gone, but you can still pay your respects to her. There's a Bisou memorial page where Morgan's fans can leave their condolences, as well as make a donation to rescue dog charity The Brittany Foundation. Shut up and take my money!

Check out more of Negan's endearing antics here:


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